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July 24, 2018


This summer, I got the chance to check another item of my list. Travelling with one of my closest, childhood friends. Jackie and I have been friends, Jesus, since I can remember. We've known each other since we were like 6. We grew up together back home in Ghana. We lived in the same neighbourhood (sort of), we went to the same church, our parents have known each other (I'm sure) before we were even born. We went to the same school up until high school, then I moved to the UK and we lost contact. 

But somehow by magic (and I really, truly mean by magic) we met up again in University. I had no idea at that point she'd moved to the UK and the odds of us attending university in the same city and bumping into each other by accident was very small. I'll have to go through it in detail another time but we've been planning (since we were in University) to one day travel together. But work, adulthood, circumstances and just life in general got in the way!

But this year, we finally made it a REALITY!

July 11, 2018

How to spend a week in Wexford, Ireland

I like travelling (as do most of us) and usually when I travel, I like to get my money's worth. I have a filled pack itinerary with trips to museums, city tours, boat rides and countless excursions. Every minute is planned out as to not waste the day. But what I've come to realise is that sometimes it's just nice to take some time of and do nothing and that's exactly what I did for my trip to Wexford and I enjoyed every moment of it. 

June 20, 2018


Went to Cheshire Oaks with the family this weekend for a nice day out and a little bit of shopping. It wasn't the best of weather with the heavy rain but this outfit was too gorgeous to miss out an opportunity for an OOTD.  I've been trying to switch up my wardrobe these past few months to introduce more bright colours and cuts with more feminine touches that I don't usually go for. My style is usually more laid back and I go for comfort over trendy and feminine looks. But I'm growing up and my taste is growing with me and I feel spring is the perfect time to 'embark on this journey'.

So let's talk through the outfit.
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