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February 03, 2012

Weight Loss + Healthy Eating Tips

Weight is definitely an issue in our day-to-day life. Everyone wants to look and feel good. I'm not talking about looking skinny but more about looking healthy. I don't really care much about sizes; whether a size6 or a size 12 it doesn't really matter much to me but what's more important is that  you look and feel good about yourself and most importantly you look HEALTHY. So I gathered up 5 important RULES that i go by (or at least I try to go by...don't judge me it's really tough :p) and I hope it'll help you...ENJOY:
  1. Never Skip Breakfast - I've heard this several times and I must say I am the number one culprit of this crime. I always miss breakfast mainly because growing up we hardly ate breakfast in my family. Everyone was busy rushing to school or work and just didn't have that much time to sit together to have a proper meal and  this has pretty much become a habit I can't seem to shake off. Also missing breakfast for me stupidly makes me feel good about myself because it make me feel like am on a diet. Crazy I know! Research has shown that people who miss Breakfast are more likely to gain weight. So better start packing up those Weetabix.
  2. Stop Over Eating - One thing I have noticed about myself and other people especially mothers is that we treat our body like a waste disposal. I for one don't like wasting food (at least food i like) a. because i just don't like wasting food and b. because I remember when I was a kid, anytime I would chuck my food in the bin my mother would scold me and lecture me about the starving people in Africa who have nothing to eat. Well here's the thing mom, as much as i feel bad for them, the food in my plate doesn't really change their circumstances. You could say however that this has psychologically been imprinted in my brain so no matter what, I try as much as possible to finish everything that's in my plate even when my body can't seem to take anymore. It's not being a glutton but more about waste-age, maybe if i had a dog I'd have more reason to through away or maybe not...I don't know. But the main point here is to STOP OVER EATING and learn to THROW AWAY when we can't seem to get it down anymore.
  3. SayNoTo Sweets - I for one THANK God! don't like sweets. Whenever anyone asks me "Oh Lulu what's your favourite chocolate?" and I reply "I don't have one because I don't really like chocolates", they look at me with such horror and disgust. Now experts believe that eating excessive amounts of sugar does not increase the risk of diabetes although the extra calories from consuming large amounts of sugar can lead to obesity, which may increase the risk of diabetes (thanks wikipedia). So even though eating a lot sugar may not necessarily give you diabetes, you're still at risk of getting one plus there other risk aside that like tooth decay, elevated blood pressure and elevated cholesterol level. So Stop snacking on sweets and shove some fruits and veggies down ya! (i know...i'm not big on vegetables either but it's gotta be done right!)
  4. Eat ONLY when hungry - Now I don't know about you but I love food! There's nothing in this world that I love more than food....well okay! maybe there is but still come one who can resist food right! especially when it's free. A lot of us fall under this category, we turn to eat not necessarily because we're hungry but for a lot of other reasons. Some people tend to eat because their sad, others eat because they just want to and some eat because they got nothing else to do. Simple remedy??? Find something to do. Get a new hobby, find yourself a boyfriend or a girlfriend, get yourself busy and your mind interacting so you think less about food and more about whatever it is you doing. If you're sad...find a friend or someone close you can confine in, believe it or not human interaction is way comforting than food. Lesson of the day?!? DON'T just eat because you're because you're HUNGRY.
  5. EXERCISE - This is like the god of all weight loss tips "EXERCISE"!!! Now you don't have to exercise 16 hours a day to loose a lot of weight and you don't have to pay thousands of pounds at the gym either. Thanks to YouTube there are a lot of exercise routines you can get involved in at no extra cost. I have come to love pilates and yoga. It's like one of the best exercises in the world mostly because you're exercising and relaxing at the same time...there's less pain than running on the treadmill or lifting weights and plus it's only 20 mins. Seriously! it's ridiculously amazing. For those of you who feel less motivated working out alone and still want to give the whole gym experience a go, I say why not. I've been going to the gym for about 3-4months now and I absolutely love it. I was like a gym addict for like the first month, I couldn't go a day without going to the gym. It was like the first thing I had to do when I woke up in the morning but the thing about going to the gym and all exercises to be honest with you is that you kind of gradually feel lazy as the days go by especially when you don't have a partner to go with. Best advice start gradually, don't just jump into it cause you going to end up jumping out of it really quick!
I hope these help...More to come later :D


  1. haha one thing i find most difficult is sticking to a routine and going to the gym. I love your blog, just thought i mention :)


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