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July 28, 2012

Graduate Nightmare

So I am a graduate...been so for a while and it feels like the most refreshing and stressful thing in the world. I'm glad over 10years of education has finally come to an end (well kind of) but on the other hand I am stuck with the constant reminder of how much I am growing. I mean I'm only 21 but I feel like I am 64. I feel like my life is a massive roller coaster even though it's just began. Job hunting doesn't make things easier either...numerous hours spent on writing the perfect cover letter only to get rejected for what reason you don't even know.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to look up to my older cousins, some of whom were married and others in college. I used to always ask myself - "when will I ever get there?". Because 21 seems so far away when you are only 7. Now, I would kill to get back there...Ok maybe not 7 but 16 will be fine, so many decisions I would make differently.

Right now I feel like my life isn't going exactly as I planned but not bad either. It's kind of hard when you come from a very demanding family and culture. Too many things to think about and not enough time to sort things out. I need a massive change - Yea that's what I need! Maybe I should get a haircut or a change of hair colour lol...Seems to work for other people with breakups, maybe it might work for this. Or maybe coming back home is the problem. I've been too accustomed to having my own space and owning my own place, coming home feels like a huge step back. Whatever this down ass feeling is, I don't like it and girl needs to get rid of it. A great holiday seems like a good idea and tomorrow my flight awaits but

                   Am I the only one feeling this way or is this some kind of graduate nightmare?

anyway......wish me luck :)

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