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February 22, 2014

Farewell Yuna Kim (유나 언니)

I needed sometime to cool off after Thursday's Catastrophe. Still in pain over such a loss, cannot believe my beautiful Yuna lost to Adelina. Now some may say the Russians cheated, some may say it was a fair game. None of these thoughts will give my baby her Gold back. I just wish the idea of Judges will be totally ruled out from Figure Skating.
We are after all humans and we always cheat and lie. Having a 17 year old whose never been to the Olympics win over a World Champion like Yuna is just ridiculous. Having 3 Russians in the Top 10 and Yulia gaining more points than Mao even after her huge fall is just a disgrace.
The Russians are a disgrace and the Judges as well. I for one hope they never hold the Olympics or any other sport for that matter. Yuna was amazing and she did everyone proud. Her flawless performance deserved her Gold and having it snatched from her like that is heartbreaking especially when this is her FINAL skate.I am going to miss seeing her on the Ice but I wish her all the very best for the future. She's only 23 and has done a lot more than I have in my 23 years of life :pCan't wait to see what next she does and Silver...well Silver isn't too bad, although I still had to cry myself to sleep....안녕 유나 언니....사랑해 


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