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March 02, 2014

2ne1 - Crush

Are you as excited as I am about the release of their new album? I think not!

I wanted to have a good listen to this album before I wrote anything about it. Why? because that's the thing with 2ne1. I always tend to not particularly like their music until after a thorough listen.

The first song I heard from the album was Crush and I absolutely hated it! I still do! I did however listen to all the songs and the only one I liked was "If I were You".

But as always 2ne1 creeped up into my room at night and brained washed me. Now I absolutely love this album, not as much as To Anyone but close. I am going to list below the entire Song List from the album but in the order of my favourites (well favourite for now anyway).

I wished that their world tour would include the UK. I saw Big Bang & Beyonce last year and I need to see 2ne1 to make my life....okay to make 2014...complete!

All in all I give this album a 9 outta 10 beause I hate CRUSH that much :p

Song List



2.If I Were You (살아 봤으면 해)  CL

3.Come Back HomeTeddy

4.Gotta be You (너 아님 안돼)Teddy, Choi Pil Kang

5.Good to You (착한 여자)Teddy, G-Dragon

6.MTBD (CL solo) (멘붕)Teddy, CL

7.Baby I Miss YouCL

8.Come Back Home (Unplugged version) Teddy

9.Scream (Korean version)CL



If I Were You

Come Back Home

Got To Be You

MTBD (CL Solo)

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