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May 12, 2014

My Top Five Nail Lacquers

Buying nail polish is another ritual of mine. I have a little collection that I want to share with you and these are my top five favourite nail lacquer (well for now anyway)
1. This is by far one of my favourite nail polish colour.
                                                                                    Cora by Cacee BFE

2. This is a lovely glossy brown colour by Barry M

                                                                                Mushroom by Barry M

3. This is a beautiful matte colour

                                                                                       Crush by Barry M

4. I've actually had this for a couple of years. Story behind this? Well back in uni, my mate called me in the middle of the night and asked me to turn on the TV. I was thinking there must be something crazy going on to call someone after midnight just to see something on TV. But I guess she knew how much I loved nail polishes and thought it was a good thing not to miss. I basically placed on order within 10 minutes for a set of 6 beautiful Leighton Denny nail polishes (Thank you teleshopping!). 

These are quite pricey to be honest but I was lucky to get mine on sale!

                                                                        Plush Pink by Leighton Denny

5. Another gorgeous colour by Barr M

                                                                                   Blueberry by Barry M
1. Cora - £4.99
2. Mushroom - £2.99
3. Plush Pink - £11.00
4. Crush - £3.99
5. Blurberry - £3.99

Totally loving the weather these past few days *blaah* absolutely sucks! Enjoy the rest of your Monday xxx

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