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March 14, 2015

Simple but Chic

Happy New Year Guys!!!! I know I'm 3 months late BUT in my defence I was uhhm....uhmm....I guess I don't really have a good excuse for not blogging. But I have decided to start blogging again and I will be blogging a lot more than I have in the past (but don't hold me up to that :p) 

So this is a very impromptu post. I was having one of my good days yesterday where my hair was looking great, my makeup was on point, my outfit looked perfect and I had someone around to conveniently give me a little photoshoot, so I decided to use that opportunity take some pictures for my blog. Hence the messy background.

A little back story to this outfit....
I have been a massive fan of the Camel Wrap Up Coat since last winter when it popped up on Zara for about £150. Now my obsession is coats and bags but I just couldn't justify splashing that much cash on one item of clothing regardless of how amazing it was and how bad I wanted it. So sadly I had to watch it go but I have been looking for other alternatives since then and I didn't find anything affordable or amazing enough like the one from Zara until I came across this.

This is a lovely White Waterfall Coat from Pretty Little Things. It's a wrap up coat so it comes with no buttons just a long belt attachment - think of it like a robe. It's pretty thick so it does keep you warm and the best part, it makes any outfit look classy and sophisticated. I was wearing a boring slim fit high wasted tailored pant with a black polo neck long sleeve top, accessorised with my black pumps (from Zara) and my black bag (also from Zara) but this coat pulled the whole look together.

Colour: White
Price: £35.00

Colour: Black
Price: £39.00
Site: ZaraZara

Name (shoes): Zara (sold out)

On another note, my makeup was looking really good last night so I thought I share a few pictures. I got this look by combining a few colours from my BHCosmetic 120 Palette and my 2 Faced Neutral Palette (that I've had for first ever eyeshadow palette purchase and still madly in love with it till today ^_^). 

 Ruby Woo by Mac
I try not to wear makeup a lot lately just to give my skin a bit of a breather and also to try out a few new skin care routines. Because of this when I do wear makeup (usually on a Friday - if I have a night out planned) I tend to go all out. Been putting a lot of practice and experimenting with so many eye looks and I'm impressed with how well I've improved. Think I might start posting a few of eye looks soon.

Until then stay blessed and have a lovely evening...

xoxo Laurita 


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