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February 21, 2016

Mini Collective Haul | NYX, NEWLOOK, KIKO MILANO

I made a post on my instagram a few days ago about showing you guys a few bits and bops I got from NYX. Now this isn't a crazy haul, it's just a few things I've been wanting to get from NYX in like forever but never managed to get my hands on them till now. I decided to throw in a few things I got from Newlook and Kiko as well. 

If you are not already aware of this, NYX UK is currently not sold online on their website anymore. You ca now find them online at Boots, FeelUnique, Selfridges and Very (very is a little bit more expensive than the three).

So without further ado lets go through the things I bought. Please note - this is not a REVIEW, it's more like a Show-and-tell. Just showing you the items I got and a few swatches to go along with them.
I'm not one for lipgloss and glossy lipsticks. I steer more towards matte lip products but for a clear lipgloss this has awesome pigmentation. The name says it all, it's very buttery and has a great shine to it, absolutely in love with this.

Dear fellow UK makeup lovers, don't shade a tear any longer for Colourpop's Limbo that all American's rave about that we can never get a hold off :p I found the closest dupe to Limbo and it's Dirty Talk from NYX. 
The only difference is this is more glossy and Limbo is matte but a translucent powder will transform this beauty into a matte lipstick if that's what you prefer. It's such an intense chocolatey shade. I'm not even going to bother hyping this up because I think the picture does it justice and if you do not believe me then wait till you have this bad boy on your lip.

So far, this is the blackest eye pencil I have ever used. Perfect for your lid, waterline and tight line. If there's any two colours you'd like to try from the Jumbo Pencil line from NYX then you need to try Black Bean and Milk. You can thank me later :)
This is perfect for your water line. If you've seen my pictures on instagram, you know I'm all about brightening my water line. I usually go for a white liner but sometimes that can be a little bit overwhelming so this is a perfect compromise. It's a very beautiful, nude, flesh tone colour. Brightens up your eyes and makes it look bigger.
From Left to Right [#68, #75, #17]
I picked up these lip pencils totally on the whim last night. It was one of those things that catches your eyes when you're in the queue to checkout. I've been on the hunt for quite sometime for a Kylie Jenner-ish lip liner. Soar and Spice from M.A.C have been said to be the closest colours to her lip shade but I think I may have found a much cheaper alternative.
Newlook have been really stepping their game in terms of makeup. For only £1.99, these babies are super incredible. They're very pigmented and super creamy. The only con I have about these is the shade numbers aren't really visible on the pencil so you'll have to look about 100 hundred times until you find the shade you're looking for but for £1.99 it's totally worth it.

Lastly is this lip pencil by Kiko. Last summer I bought some lip pencils from kiko when I went shopping with my cousin. We both instantly fell in love with them. They were so cheap and of such high quality we couldn't believe how amazing they were so we stocked up on a bunch of them. 

I happened to go to kiko just a few days before Valentine's day to see what they had in store. I wasn't shopping for anything in particular but I knew I could count on them for some good lip pencils. The only one that caught my eye though amongst the bunch was this shade in number 709. It's a beautiful fuschia colour. I mentioned that the Newlook lip pencils were creamy, well imagine that times 10. This is so creamy, it feels more like a lipstick than a lip pencil.
From Left to Right [Newlook #17, #75, #68, KiKo #709]
Ignore my horrible attempt at trying to draw hearts. It's pretty clear that I didn't go to pre-school :p

I'll try my best to post the makeup look I promised either on Monday or Tuesday. I'm still not 100% well, got a cold for like a week and a half that I'm still trying to beat and now I think my tonsills are infected and swollen :( Yes! self dignosis lol

Anyways enough of my ramblings....I hope you enjoyed this teeny, tiny, mini haul. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW ME on my blog and all my other Social media - all the links are on the side bar to your right. If you have a google account just click on the follow me button to your right and if you don't have a google account, just enter your email address in the form to your right and then click on Submit. 

You can find my previous post here, all products listed above are cruelty free and as always, I love you for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.



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