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March 15, 2016

R E V I E W | Makeup Revolution (Triple Baked) Blushing Hearts Blusher + Bronzer

Okay I know, I know, this is the second time in a row that I am doing a blush & bronzer review but I feel like this one had to be done. Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite drugstore brands. They are the perfect definition of 'good quality products at affordable prices'. I cannot stress enough on how amazing their products are. They're well known for making excellent dupes of products from high end brands like Too Faced, Real Techniques, Urban Decay and Lorac Pro. They're fairly new in the market, I believe they just celebrated their 2 years anniversary about a week or so ago. If you haven't heard of them before or tried any of their products you definitely should. If you're wanting to buy the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette but you don't have £39 to splash out on, Makeup Revolution is your best bet of getting the closest dupe at a fraction of the price.

So let's get into the actual product that I am reviewing today. It's funny because I've just hyped up Makeup Revolution so much but the product I am reviewing today happens to be my least favourite product from them. I've never been a fan of Makeup Revolution's blushes, contours or highlighters. Mostly because the ones I have tried from them are pretty... uuhmm ... how do I put this in the most nicest way possible...SH*T. I'm sorry I love you Makeup Revolution, you know that but you're just not good when it comes to things like this.
I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts - Love Hot Summer Bronzer | £4.99
But then again this is just my opinion based on my experience. Time and time again I give them the chance to try and make me want to love them for their blushes and time and time again they let me down. This is one of them. If you're in need of good quality eyeshadows and lipsticks, then yes! I will 169% recommend. For blushes, bronzers and highlighters? *sigh* just read on.

So these blushes and bronzers are from their I Heart Makeup series and it's their Triple Baked Blushing Hearts collection. It comes in 4 blusher shades, 3 bronzer shades and 5 highlighting shades. I got just one of each to try first (blushing heart blusher & love hot summer bronzer) before making any further purchase. This is meant to be a dupe of the Too Faced Sweetheart collection and from a first glance they are very similar. The packaging and the different shades they come in are quite similar. However the packaging on the Makeup Revolution is of  a cheaper quality. It looks like it's made up of a cardboard material with plastic on the inside whereas the Too Faced Sweetheart Blusher has a metallic casing.
I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts - Blushing Heart Blusher | £4.99

This is not a dupe post so I'm not going to compare the two as much because that won't be fair. I'm not too bothered about the packaging being cheap because you pretty much get what you paid for plus the fact that it looks cheaper doesn't mean it doesn't look nice. I actually think it's pretty cute.

Now this is where the problem starts - the products (both blusher and bronzer) swatch so beautifully. When swatched and photographed on my hands, it looks absolutely stunning but you apply it on your cheeks and nothing. Literally nothing! I have to apply a lot before I can see a hint of product. Let's take a crazy analogy, if I usually apply 1tsp of drugstore blusher/bronzer, I have to apply about 4 times the amount with these. This might just be because I'm of darker complexion and it wasn't made to be that pigmented for my skin tone and if that's so, it should go on the label before having me spend my money and time purchasing it. Sick and tired of spending money on products that are not geared for people with my complexion and darker and for brands not showing/telling us about it.

If you have a similar complexion to mine and you had a better experience with this, please let me know in case I'm doing something wrong. 

Another thing I don't like about this product is how messy it is. I know just like the Insta Glow collection (blush + bronzer) by Miss Sporty, these are supposed to give you a glow from within. Don't get me wrong, this does that but it's messy as hell. Both blush and bronzer is packed with glitter to last you days. So even though you get the glow and shimmer, you're also getting glitter on places that you wouldn't necessarily want to highlight.  
Blushing Heart Blusher | From Left To Right [Lightest shade to Deepest shade. Swirl of all 4 shades at the very end]
Love Hot Summer Bronzer | Same shade swatched 3 times
For comparison | From Left To Right [Sleek Contour + Blush Palette (Medium), Miss Sporty Insta Glow 001 Sunkissed Blonde, Miss Sporty Insta Glow 002 Sunny Brunette, Love Hot Summer Bronzer]

I feel like I am bashing this product so much and giving it such a bad name but really this is based on MY EXPERIENCE. So please feel free to try it for yourself. Who knows you might actually end up loving it. I for one don't and I love Makeup Revolution but I know from past experience that this was going to be a hit or miss.

One thing I do like about the bronzer though is the fact that the shade I bought happens to be my favourite shade amongst all the bronzer/contour powders I own and if it weren't for the formulation, it would be my number one. The main thing I like about the blush as well is the fact that it is a trio or should I say four-rio (is that a word?). So you can use the three colours individually as shown in the swatches or you can swirl them all together and create a different new shade all together. So you get 4 shades for the price of one. With this being a drugstore brand you're looking to spend less than a tenner each on these. These retail online at the Makeup Revolution website or Superdrugs for £4.99 each. Overall I would raise these a 6 out of 10. The pigmentation may not be great it may be messy but for the price it is a pretty good dupe. I feel like this would be a good product for people lighter than my skin tone

I'm beginning to like writing long, detailed reviews like this, so let me know what you think. Do you prefer reviews like this? Or do you prefer shorter reviews? - so skip the details and give an overview instead. Let me know because I do this for you guys. So there's no point in me writing things that people are either not interested in or cannot be bothered to read.

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  1. I think these work well as blush toppers and as highlighters more than blushes (I tend to prefer matte blushes for color anyway, and if I want some shimmer, use this on top). I have warm med tones skin and for me, that's been my use for these items.


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