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June 09, 2016

F A S H I O N | Black Peeptoe Open Back Ankle Boots (Newlook)

When it comes to shoes, I'm more of a boots girl than a heel girl and I think it's mainly because I enjoy autumn/fall fashion than I do spring or summer. So when I saw these Peeptoe Open Back Ankle Boots, I new I had to have them. Just like with my bags, a couple of years ago I started collecting shoes. I wanted to have a wide range of shoe collection, which I did but I sadly I had to give most of them away when I moved out of my old apartment because of the lack of space in my current apartment. However, I'm planning to move again and the idea of getting a bigger space has nudged my urges to start my collection again. This time to buy good, sensible shoes and as always, on a budget.

These shoes are super comfortable which I wasn't expecting. I have a few peeptoe shoes and my God do I hate them but these surprised me. The 3-inch heel helps a lot so it makes walking in this super easy and super comfortable. It's made of suede with the back being elastic to make it easier to slip on since there's no opening around the shoe - no buckle, no zipper. The best part is that it's black; my second favourite colour when it comes to fashion, which makes it easier to pair with just about anything. If you're looking to buy this, you can find it at Newlook for £24.99, reasonable price if you ask me. I've tried to find a link on the Newlook site but had no luck. I got mine from the store so you might have better luck there too.

I don't usually do fashion posts because I find there's not much to say since it's all visual but I will try and incorporate more fashion posts on the blog. 
Maybe every THURSDAY? What do you think? 
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Black Newlook Peeptoe Open Back Ankle Boots | £24.99


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