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September 06, 2016

TRAVEL DIARY | What I've recently been up to!

So I tried to go down the route of posting consistently twice a week - every Tuesday and Sunday but for the past month or two I haven't quite managed to do so because I've had things creeping into my schedule all the time. I've been really busy with my second job and also been travelling quite a lot. By no means am I making excuses but I thought I owed you guys an explanations as to my untimely disappearing act. 

First things first, I'd like to take this time to say a massive thank you for helping me reach 20,000+ views. It was such an amazing feeling waking up last week Monday to see this. My goal for August was to get to 20k and I cannot believe that I reached that, especially since I didn't post as much during that month. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU A MILLION! You have no idea how much this means to me :) Let's get to 30,000 views this September XD

So last month I got the pleasure of travelling to Northern Ireland to see two of my beautiful friends tie the  knot. If my memory serves me right, this is actually the first wedding I've attended where the bride/groom are friends of mine. Most weddings I've attended have always been family related or I've always been a plus one for somebody else, so it was definitely a nice change. The ceremony was amazing, the reception was top notch, the bride looked absolutely stunning and the groom was aight...haha no he looked handsome. It was a beautiful, simple wedding, which is something that I personally like. Simplicity for me is always the best. I wish these two love birds nothing but the very best for the future, in their marriage and in everything they do. Congratulations Stef & Sorcha

Because we were in Northern Ireland (Coleraine to be precise) for 3 days, we took the opportunity to do a mini tour. Got to see Port Rush, which I fell in love with. If you've known me since I was a kid, you'd know that my dream place to live is anywhere near the beach. Just buy me a house close to the beach and I'm golden. So Port Rush definitely felt like home to me. I wish I could live there forever. It was freezing cold but it was so worth the scenery. We also went to see the Giant's Causeway, where we made countless attempt to get a jumping group shot but to no avail. We also drove to see the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, but didn't get the chance to walk it because the queue was just stupidly insane. Maybe some other time. All in all I absolutely loved Northern Ireland. I think I might go back and see Belfast a bit more since I didn't get the chance to it this time round.

Since I do not have as much holidays as I did back when I was in high school/university, I now try to take advantage of the bank holidays and plan weekend trips around the UK. Turned the bank holiday weekend that's just gone into a little impromptu Girl's Trip Away with my 3 lovely sisters. My initial intention was to visit Bath. I love novels by Jane Austen and her novel's seem to take place in Bath quite a lot, so I've always been fascinated about Bath and always wanted to visit. Unfortunately, the prices for travel and accommodation meant that I couldn't visit Bath this time round, so my next place of choice definitely had to be Scotland. Scotland is one of the places in the UK that I absolutely love and I don't know if it's because of my love for History, but I do like the fact that Scotland and Edinburgh especially is enriched with so much Culture and History. I feel it's one of the places I could go to over and over again without getting bored of it. If you don't believe me, ask my sister Anita, she's been there three times already.
Beautiful scenery behind the cafĂ© where we had breakfast | image courtesy of
St. Gile's Cathedral | image courtesy of
image courtesy of 
We definitely had to go on a tour bus (£15 hop-on-hop-off day ride); I feel it's a must for every new city you go to. I learn a lot on bus tours and if you think I wasn't geeky enough, I'm the one on the bus that writes things down from the tour to research later when I go home. Yup! geek alert :p We got a chance to get a glimpse of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is the largest art festival in the world. So many street performances ranging from theatre, dance, comedy, circus etc. We kinna got side tracked a little bit by a delicious ice cream van. All four of us agree it was the best ice cream we'd had in ages. I swear we had about 10 of them each within the space of two days, maybe with a bit of a slight exaggeration but we did have way too much. The ice cream man knew us well enough to get our orders before we even said anything lol. 

We also visited the Museum on the Mound (which is a museum that focuses on money, coinage and economics - FREE entry), Scottish National Gallery (FREE entry), St. Gile's Cathedral (FREE entry), got a glimpse of Holyrood Palace and visited Dynamic Earth (£14 entry), which was very educational. Except for the last bit where we had to sit through a 30 minute show and ended up falling asleep in the first 10 minutes. In our excuse, we were really exhausted from 3 days of constant walking :p
Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station
Dynamic Earth

We were slightly obsessed with this Ice berg
Don't believe the facial was cold af!
You cannot go to Scotland and not see a HOT scottish lad in a sexy ass Kilt

I had an absolute blast on both trips and if I was made of money, I would definitely travel for a living. Hell, if had the money, I would change this from a makeup blog to a travel blog. Aaaggrh! Can someone pay me to live my dream pleaaasseeee!

So if you were wondering where the hell I'd been and why there was no makeup reviews on Tuesday or new makeup looks on Sunday, now you know why. I'm gradually getting back into being more consistent so don't give up on me. Hang in there if you can. Whenever I'm offline on the blog, don't worry because I'm always online somewhere else. So definitely follow me on twitter, instagram and snapchat (username: sylvia_laurita), because chances are I'll be over there. 

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