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December 28, 2016

R E V I E W | Caramel Melange & Blanc Fusion by ZOEVA

So for my birthday last month I got these two beauties from my sisters. I'd been hinting for a couple of months ever since Zoeva announced their release and I'm so happy I finally got my hands on them. I absolute love Zoeva. Their brushes and eyeshadows are my absolutely favourite and I still don't understand why they're so underrated. If you haven't tried Zoeva before, you should definitely get your hands on one, especially this festive season with sales everywhere. Zoeva launched two new shadows as part of their Plaisir Box (£48) which is inspired by delectable cholatey confectionary. The box is made up of three shadows - Cocoa Blend, Caramel Melange and Blanc Fusion. All three palettes are filled with warm, neutral, cholatey shades that I think everyone will enjoy. 

Continue reading for my full review and some Christmas/New Year's makeup look ideas.

'An array of warm oranges, reds and browns'. 

This palette is very similar to the Cocoa Blend palette also by Zoeva which happens to be one of their most popular palette. Caramel Melange is more on the orangey side whereas Cocoa Blend is more on the chocolatey brown side. This palette is perfect for both day and night looks and because of its warm colours this palette can be used all year round. There are 6 matte and 4 metallic shades in the palette, my favourite being Aftertaste, Liquid Center and Edible Gem. 
Soft Golden Smokey Eyelook for Christmas/New Year's
1. Use 'Alchemy' and 'Start Soft' as your transition colour on the lid and blend towards the brown bone
2. Apply a dash of 'Aftertaste' on to the crease only.
3. Place 'Liquid Centre' onto the lid only and blend into the crease
4. Blend 'Edible Gem' into your outer crease to create a soft smokey look
5. Add a black liner, mascara and some lashes

Top Row                                                           Bottom Row
Wax Paper                                                       Alchemy
Universal Delight                                           Start Soft
Aftertaste                                                        Finish Sensual
182c                                                               Almost Burnt
Liquid Center                                                Edible Gem
From Top to Bottom: Wax Paper, Universal Delight, Aftertaste 182c, Liquid Center, Alchemy, Start Soft, Finish Sensual, Almost Burnt, Edible Gem
'A collection of cool taupes, yellows and browns'.

This palette also follows the same theme from the Palisir Box, with a lot of warm, brown tones but unlike Caramel Melange and Cocoa Blend, Blanc Fusion has more yellow and gold shades like Single Origin, Vision of Gold and Late Bloomer which I love. This palette is great for this time of year because of all the gold and shimmer. So it's perfect for the festive season, especially New Year's Eve night out. Add a pop of colour in your inner corner with Vision of Gold or go crazy with Late Bloomer all over the lid. It will look breathtaking either way.
The formulae on most of the Zoeva shadows are very smooth and buttery. They have an almost satin feel to them. I feel the formula on these two new palettes are definitely an improvement to their older palettes. You tend to get a slight fall out with the older palettes (especially the ones with brighter colours like Rodeo Belle) but you don't get a lot of fall out with these even though they feel a lot more buttery.

The pigmentation on both palettes are also to dye for. 90% of all the shades in both palettes were very pigmented and easy to work with. One swatch did the trick, especially with the more darker shades. I did struggle a bit with a few shades from both palettes. It just meant I had to apply more product and work the product a lot harder onto my lid. I struggled with Conched and Question of Taste from the Blanc Fusion palette and Finish Sensual from the Caramel Melange palette.
Top Row                                                           Bottom Row
Noble                                                               Travel Inspired
Single Origin                                                   Jack In A Box
Vision of Gold                                                 Conched
Late Bloomer                                                  Question of Taste
Sweetness Lingers                                          Last Bite
From Top to Bottom: Noble, Single of Origin, Vision of Gold, Late Bloomer, Sweetness Lingers, Travel Inspired, Jack In A Box, Conched, Question of Tatse, Last Bite
The only issue I had with the palette is with Blanc Fusion. As you can see from the picture below, one of the pan fell out because the magnetic piece underneath wasn't too strong to hold it in place. Now the other pans are fine in both palettes just the 'Sweetness Lingers' pan fell out. So be careful when handling both palettes. It might just be a defect with my palette only or with a particular batch. 

All in all I love all three palettes and I think at least 2 out of the three are a must have. I'd recommend all three palettes if you had the money to spend but if you were or are looking to purchase two, I'd recommend Blanc Fusion and Cocoa Blend. If you were looking to try just the one, I'd recommend Cocoa Blend because I feel it's a happy medium between the other two. Plus, it's my favourite palette of all time!

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