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April 25, 2018

The Wedding, The Dress & The Countryside

Had an amazing time in Worcester last weekend (well Monday to be precise). Attended my ‘brother-in-law’s’ wedding which was an absolutely beauty. Nothing too sophisticated or over the top. Just a beautiful, simple wedding and the location was to die for! I love living in tiny villages and countryside so this was a fantastic 3 day getaway for me. I don’t know what it is about the countryside but I find everything about it to be so magnificent. I love being in the open fields and driving miles on end. The air feels cleaner and fresher and nothing beats seeing animals grazing in the field as you drive past.

I don’t have much family in the UK (at least compared to what I have back home in Ghana) so it’s always nice when something like this brings us all together. Loved spending time with my sisters and my mum just shit-chatting about anything and everything as we always do. As a self-proclaimed ‘stay in doors’ professional, I choose not to go out as much, so I don’t get to hear as much afro-beats as I used to when I was in uni for example. So get together like these are very so much nostalgic. If you follow me on snapchat or instagram, you will by now have seen and been amazed by my dancing skills. It's that good! Beyoncé’s got nothing on me (please don’t block me!).

One thing that I got so much at the wedding and on social media (after I posted a few videos online) was about my dress. I’ve had so many compliments and questions about my dress so I’ve linked all the details to the dress, the shoes and the bag in the pictures below (for info I wear a size Small and a 5 in Zara clothes and shoes respectively). If I had to choose between pants and dresses, I’ll always go with pants because they’re so flattering especially in the age of THE BOOTY. But nothing beats a good, fitting dress for spring. Spring is the only time in the year I can wear dresses every day for 3 months straight (if the British weather gods allow it that is). Now I got this dress specifically for the wedding and I loved how simple and elegant it looked and how perfectly it fit with the current Season, so I’m so thrilled that a lot of people like this dress as much I do.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, got your BBQs out and got the chance to enjoy wearing your short shorts in the little sneak-peek heat wave we had last week. Praying we’ll be blessed with more heat waves to come.

As always, I love you for stopping by and I'll see you on the next post. xoxo

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