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February 11, 2012

Baby Blue Ivy Cater

Pictures of Baby Blue was uploaded unto a newly created tumblr page by proud parents Beyonce and Jay-Z yesterday. It's the first ever look at their daughter who was born just about a month and half ago. As always Beyonce has been a very private person and never gives anything away to the public and I am very glad she showed her baby to the world in this way. She could have followed the path of other celebrities and sold a picture of their baby for millions, but she decided to do it in a more decent and meaningful manner.

Come on now, how beautiful is she??? She has literally been the centre of every topic and I can't stop looking at the cute little thing. But is it just me or does she look a  little bit too matured for her age. She's only a month old yet she looks like she can walk and talk already. And that hair...O.M.G....WTH!!! She has a full set of hair and gosh! Is it amazing. Jet black wavy hair and darmn! is it long already. Looks like there is a bit of mixture in the Knowles genes, take a look at Solange's son...Sure looks mixed race.
Blue looks like a little afro-asian baby hehehehe...bless her cute little heart. Can't wait till she starts going for dancing and singing lessons...

On their tumblr it read:

"We welcome you to share in our joy.
Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.

The Carter Family."

Aaaaaw how sweet (Daddy's Little Girl).... I can imagine how proud they must be, because that baby definitely is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen...No lie! 

Congratulations To Both Beyonce and Jay-Z
And Welcome Blue....I know you are definitely going to be the most spoiled and humblest child (fingers crossed on the humble bit :p)

All the best to the Carter Family

Here's a Link to Blue Ivy's Tumblr.....(All picture's aren't owned by me, just go them of tumblr page XD Enjoy!)

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