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February 07, 2012

I Hate Uni

Am I the only one stressed out about coursework and exams?!  And why am I writing on my blog instead of completing the 12 page report I have to hand in tomorrow. I hate this, I really do. How I wish someone could have told me how stressful final year would be. The amount of sleepless nights and indigestion I've had from not having a decent meal in days and plus it's making my insomnia even worse.

I wish I could have a week of rest, just one whole week. At this stage I am really beginning to hate uni - I'm tired, stressed and honestly cant wait to rid some people outta my life. I miss fresher's week and first year in general. Moving into a new city, meeting new people, making new friends and going out every single night. Aaah! those were the days...

I guess this is why I can't wait to graduate (that's if i do graduate at this point! lol). All those great things plus the extra dough in my pocket! I guess the tale of graduation will just have to be told another  time!


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