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February 03, 2012

Captain America (Long Long over due but aah well...better late than never)

Mini Cast
Chris Evans as Captain America
Haley Atwell as Peggy Carter
Hugo Weaving as Red Skull

Directed by Joe Johnston (you know...same guy who directed Jumanji & Jurassic Park...yeah that's the one). So for my sister's birthday (which I shall not disclose the age because she'll kill me if i did) we took a trip to the movies to catch a first look at the latest blockbuster "Captain America". Now I love my comic book heroes and I especially love it when the movie industry tries to make an adaptation of it - if they succeed, well kudos to them and if they don't well it's still great for me because i get to laugh at their expense. usual there was a half an hour wait until the movie actually started by then my popcorn was half gone but at the end of the day it was totally worth the wait. So they movie started off at a very slow pace, from when he's concurrently rejected by the military for being anorexic (not really) and too weak to when he's given the chance to join the army to undergo an experiment that changes his weak body into this incredibly hot, sexy piece of ass...oh and yeah he also gets maximum human potentials (hr's pretty much immune to everything - he never gets intoxicated and he lives forever). The movie actually takes off when America decides to ditch being a propaganda mascot to save his comrades when they needed him.

There are a lot of big names in this movie, we have Haley Atwell playing America's love interest and gosh! I hate how hot she looks doing it...if I could only pull off a pencil skirt. We also have Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Philips and I must say he has been getting some pretty shitty roles lately (probably due to his age), Red Skull is played by Hugo Weaving and he absolutely kills that part ("kills" - in a good way).

The special effects through out the whole movie was amazing plus the fact that they shot a scene in my hometown (Albertdock, Liverpool, UK) was also a proud moment for me. There was a lot of attention to periodic details that I must say is very commendable, not a single button out of place. The streets however seemed a bit too clean for me not something I would expect walking down a street in the 1940's but that's just me being picky and annoyingly judgemental.

The humour in this movie was actually okay, it wasn't that funny to the extent that I would roll on the floor or even remember any phrase from it but it pretty much kept me entertained and pre-occupied through out the whole movie. Now I don't mind a lot of dialogue in a movie so far as it's engaging my brain or explaining something that is or seems relevant, but the dialogue in this movie is ridun-culous (and no it's not a typo). If i wanted that much ranting I would have watched a romance or chick flick. At one point I think I actually dozed off for like 15mins, I think it was close to the end of the movie - probably the end scene with Captain America and Red Skull. Note this, if you do intend to watch this movie in 3D!!! I advice you save your money and buy yourself an extra set of popcorn because there isn't much difference between the 3D & the 2D. Hell I think you'll actually enjoy the movie better in 2D but then again that's just my opinion.....

The next must see movie on my list for this summer has to be "Planets of the Apes" which is out in cinemas now or later this month (am not entirely sure and i honestly can't be asked to google it lol! it's 4am here and i'm already knackered) and oh if for some reason anyone feels bored or needs a quick sleeping fix then I prescribe a doze of "Friends with Benefits" yes the movie is in the name. It's pretty much like a remake of "Ashton Kutcher's No Strings Attached " - it sucks....BIG TIME!!!! they always have the same ending. A movie to look forward to however is "Spiderman"...yeah oh yeah! now this movie is not even out yet, it' going to be out somewhere in 2012 but the trailer is STUPIDLY AMAZING especially in 3D....I will try to blog about it in the next couple of days so watch out for it! In the meantime good morning! and goodnight! I'm gonna try and catch some sleep! Adios Amigos!!!


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