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February 03, 2012

CL in Hanbok

How gorgeous does she look!!!! CL in a her Hanbok made by her grandmother as a present to her for coming of age...She looks soo tradtitional and cute in it. She looks like a child I must say. This was posted on Dara's me2day:

"어머어머어머!+.+이게 누구야~!!!팬분들께 드리는 선물!빠밤!참한 아가린! 캬~!할머니께서 성년된 기념으로 해주셨다고해요!“할머니 감사합니다!츄츄!” from린! 푸둥한손 참하게 모은거봐요!이제 시집갈일만 남았네 울 채린이~! 그래두 언니들 먼저!ㅋ 알쥐?^_^ㅋㅋㅋ"

Translation: omo omo omo! +.+ Look who’s here~!!!! This is a gift for the fans. Gentle Baby Rin! kyah~! This is a present from her grandmother in celeberation of her coming of age.. “Thank you grandmother! chu chu!” From Rin.  Chubby’s folded hands is so nice. Now all she has left to do is to get married, our Chaerinie! However, unnies first! ke Got it? ^_^ kekeke

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