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February 18, 2012


I hate coming up with a cold its one of the most crucial things for me. I can't breathe, my throat hurts, I struggle to talk and my synos swells up :( Pretty awful...I'm stuck at home on a friday night all alone watching Numbers on my netflix (what a loner). Now all I need is a hot cup of Lemsip and snuggle up in bed with Teddy XD. Being single is great but days like these makes me wish I had a man by my side. Someone to take care of you, someone to be by your side, hug you and make you feel like everything is OK (when it really isn't lol). *Huge Sigh* It's quite hard to find a good decent guy these days, especially when you're in uni.

I mean come on, how many guys in uni really wanna settle down with one girl when they can have a different girl every night. Which is cool really...too each his own. Every time I tell someone I'm single they always tell me how "I'm too picky", or "I'm not looking hard enough", or "I just don't wanna find one"...I'm not 47, my biological clock aint ticking and I aint lookng to get married...YET! so why do I have to settle down for just about anyone just because I'm single and at times lonely...PLEASE! I have fallen in love and had my share of heart breaks. I definitly aint doing that again***by the way this Lemsip taste awful...WTH....what flavour did I get?? Anywho***where was I...Oh yeah I just want a good decent guy, who knows how to have fun and makes me laugh (lol now I feel like I'm filling out a form for a dating site). I wish relationship was easy and most importantly I wish LOVE was easy :(



  1. I hope you will meet your perfect man and have the best sick days ever when he's there next to you

    1. Thanks and I hope so too (very soon i hope XD)'re the first person to comment on my blog so you get an extra THANKS! hehe :)


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