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February 19, 2012

Pointless Ranting about Hair

I was at home today with my sis watching Whitney Houston's Funeral (which was really emotional by the way, had to say a very lovely and decent sermon...nothing too outstanding just a very beautiful farewell..R.I.P Whitney and more prayers to your family), so out of the blue we started talking about our hair and I was telling her how bored I was with my new hair. I only got extensions put in my hair less than a month ago and I am already bored with it. I wanna get a new hair do and a new NOW!

It's funny how black women can just change their hair whenever they want. We can go short today and then whip up a 26" hairstyle the next. We can be blonde on Tuesday and then rock out Red on a friday, it's just amazing, I have to say and I am glad that I can do that. Not that other race can't do that, it's just that because a lot of black women wear weave we are more prone to dying our hair and changing whenever we want because it's not really ours. Most of my mates (who aren't black) have pretty much had the same hairstyle and hair colour since I've known them for the past three years and I just don't know how they do it. I think I probably need to start leaving my hair on for a while (I mean with no extensions whatsoever), I need to get used to my hair and get the feel of having the same hairstyle for a year plus it will save me a lot of money...£150 on hair aint an easy money...

Anyway the basis of my ranting is that I need me a new hairstyle or maybe I just need to learn how to work with my current hair. Being a woman aint easy. I'm still on the verge of learning to become a "woman" (basically I am trying to be what my mum describes as the definition of a woman - heels, makeup, beautiful hair, glamorous, the whole works....aaaaww bless her heart hehehe) to bed...until next time....still battling with the demons inside whether to go to church tomorrow or not...hmmmm -_-

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