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August 01, 2012

Bitter Sweet Vacation

It's always great to take a vacation, especially when you take a trip back home after a very long time. Been here for like 2 days already and its been a bitter sweet moment. I love coming back home, its warm, its fun and its great to see friends and family that I love so much.

One thing that I hate though, is the amount of stress it gives me. Its hard coming from a country like the UK to see how corrupt a nation like Ghana is. The way they drive, they way they think, the things they say, it all gets a little too much for me. I went to the DMV with my cousin this afternoon and he was telling me about the attitude of the officials. Apparently you have to pay to get a driver's licence (which of course is no news to me). People don't actually go through the whole "driving lesson - driving test" procedure. You just pop in there and buy yourself one. What pissed me off the most?! The officials actually say to you that "A licence is not a right but a privilege, so they get to decide who gets one and who doesn't, depending on how much bribe you give". Now that's some BULL.

And don't let me get started on the media over's full of crap! The shit they say just drives me insane. All the same I love my country! At least I get a change of scenery, a whole month of rest and a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather and amazing beaches XD

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