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September 09, 2012

Video Live On YouTube YaY! XD

So I uploaded my second video up on youtube today and gosh it doesn't get easier...still nerve racking as ever. I woke up today feeling a bit energetic and quite happy. The sun was up and the weather looked lovely. Decided on going to the park to have a lie in the grass and enjoy the beautiful weather and soak in some sunshine before it all disappeared (you know our stupid British weather...smh), but for some reason something prompted me to upload a video on youtube.

Now I already have video up on youtube which I uploaded like a month ago...It was on a try and error basis. I always wanted to upload a video but was to shy and lacked the confidence to. But I did anyway and I loved it! I went for holiday for a month and the internet there was really crap so I didn't really get the chance to upload another until today... So I hope everyone would watch, enjoy, like, subscribe, rate and most importantly support XD

The video is on my Mini Shoe Collection...

Just showing a few of my heels, Wedges, Sandals, Flats and Boots I have bought over the past few years. Some of which I constantly wear and others just relaxing on my shoe shelf. The comfortable shoes I swear by and the ones I hate the most. I will try and make this YouTube channel more consistent than my blogging lol :p

Don't Forget to check my YouTube channel out -->

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Also anyone interested can find me on Instagram --> my instagram name is "Sylvia Forjoe" :)

good night lovies


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