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October 09, 2013

Growing Up

I like blogging at night because I feel it's the time of the night that you're most vulnerable....
Hence there reason why we are always advised not to speak to guy's you like after midnight...true story!

I feel like I have aged so much in one year and have been through so much. I am the sort of person that always looks forward to 31st night because I like the idea of starting afresh. I don't make New Year's Resolution because I hardly go through with them.

Not trying to make sense of this blog post! Just throwing a few words around and hoping it makes sense. I feel like I've wasted my life away and I'm only 22. Growing up I was shy and kept to myself. I joked around a lot and never told anyone how I felt. I hid behind my smile even on days I felt like shit! I didn't trust anyone to tell them my "deepest darkest secrets" and funny enough I never grew out of it.

I guess the more I grow up, the more I begin to panic - because my life isn't going exactly the way I planned it...not even close. But I forget that I'm still Young!

Still got more time to correct my mistakes, make some "mistakes" and just have fun!

I need to start living my life! Focus on work - YES! but really start living!
Not the whole travelling thing or making a bucket list but just enjoying life however it maybe.

They say stick to a routine but I need to do the opposite - need to breakaway from the norm.

Like I said, this doesn't need to make sense.....just shooting out words on a paper...well, more like a screen....

Night Night xoxo

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  1. People feel they've aged so much because of the experiences they've gone through in life. These experiences if learned well from, shape us to be greats! BUT only with the guidance of the GOD. Remember man plans and HE laughs. Stay humble and remain positive!


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