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September 16, 2012

Nail Polish | Fall-ish

So I made another youtube video a couple of days ago about a few nail polish colours I wear for the fall season...below are a couple of swatches I made for y'all :) I tend to stick to a bit of a darker colour during the fall - going for reds, black, browns, purples and darker shades of green...I leave the subtle colours for the fall and bright colours for spring and summer....It's all about how you're feeling...I sometimes go off the fall trend and put on a bright yellow nail polish because I feel dandy and happy that particular day XD
So the first colour is RED... I love my reds and black. It's one colour you can wear no matter what season it is. In my video I showed to reds that I loved, one from AVON and the other from RIMMEL LONDON. I prefer the AVON better because it's glossy, and light so the application is much smoother than other thick nail polishes. Avon nail products for me normally last for a week with a good base and top coat...

REAL RED by Avon - £6

My second favourite colour of all times has to be this Olive green colour also by AVON. This colour looks amazing in pictures and even better in real life. I love how smooth the application is and how vibrant the colour is. Normal retail price for this line of Avon nail polishes is £6, however Avon does regular sales and they normally go for a whipping half price! Definitely something to try!

 JADE (Olive Green) by Avon - £6

Next colour by AVON is this beautiful shade of blue called COSMIC BLUE....this is more for the summer days when you feel really cheerful and feel like going for really bright colours. Two coats gives it an amazing finish ;)


COSMIC BLUE by Avon - £6

LEIGHTON DENNY!!! aaah! I cannot express how much I love this company. I love the different colours and shades these come in and this particular one is called JAILBIRD. It's a really dark shade of green with pearl shots through it and gives it a glossy, shiny and glittery finish...absolutely worth the price :p

JAIL BIRD by Leighton Denny - £11

Another colour I have from LEIGHTON DENNY is this beautiful shade of purple. One thing I noticed from this particular colour is that its much lighter than "jailbird", or maybe it's just me! I do however love this colour and two applications does the job. It is a bit pricey compared to AVON, rimmel london and other brands but I feel it's totally worth splashing the cash on! I actually got this on offer on QVC. I got four shades: "Purple, Green, Pink and Red", "A Brilliance Serum and A Brilliance Shield", "A hand cream and A Nail Polish Remover", "A cosmetic bag and a Nail Polish Stand" all for about £30-something....totally worth the saving....

REBEL by Leighton Denny - £11

My last two colours are both from Barry M, retailing at £6 per bottle. You get 12ml per bottle and these shades of green are absolutely stunning....I am deeply in love with the glitter green and I like the way it looks at night, it's so fancy and definitely glams up whatever you wear...great for a night out!
The plain green is a much brighter shade and a lot more glossy. It is thick so one coat is all you need. The application goes on smoothly and I definitely enjoy mixing these two colours up as shown below XD

Glitter Green #298 (Glitter Green) by  Barry M - £2.99|Green #290 (Plain Green) by  Barry M  - £2.99

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xoxo LuLu

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