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March 11, 2014

The Dilemma | Should he pay for dinner?!

I do believe in equality and I say no to Sexism but at the same time I do believe that both men and women have "a role" to play in relationships, marriage and society as a whole.

I've had this conversation countless of times with a lot of my friends and each time there's a different response.

Now if a guy were to take me out on a date, I would expect the guy to pay. Yes! I said it! 21st Century and all that..get your own money...blah blah

First off I HAVE my money! Everything I have, I paid for, dinner with my friends I pay for, drinks on me?? sure why not but dating? now that's a whole different ball game.
I will attempt to pay for dinner on a date but like I said I would expect (strong emphasis on the expect) him to PAY! Now I wouldn't think of him as less of a man if he didn't but I feel like it's a kind gesture or that favourite word I like to call chivalry.

Having a guy pay for dinner has got nothing to do with equality whatsoever. Yes we fight for equal pay and equal rights but you cannot compare that to paying for dinner as some of my friends have argued in the past.

Put it this way, you hold the door for people at work/school (regardless of what sex they are)...Why?! Because it's called manners or being a gentleman or a lady. If you met a woman in distress you would (or at least I hope you would) try and help her out. Again that's called good manners.

How then is that any different from paying for a dinner.

Why do men still buy rings if they're not willing to pay for a dinner. Surely a trip to Bella Italia or Jamie's Kitchen is a lot cheaper than a diamond ring.

I'm not entirely sure if it's a culture thing as well. Because most of the people I have spoken to (both men and women) who agree with me actually grew up with me (i.e. same background, same culture, similar experiences).

Don't get me wrong I'm not too fussed about who pays for dinner, I'll gladly foot the bill with a big tip on top but I get a bit vexed when guys use us fighting for equal right and "the 21st Century" as an excuse not to pay!

And it's got nothing to do with getting a free meal, it's just nice to be treated the way I feel like I deserve. And why do I deserve that you ask, why do I think I'm worth that much?!

Because my Mum said so and because I said so haha :p
xoxo Laurita

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