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April 19, 2014

Simple, Real Techniques, Sleek, Zoeva, AVON, | Haul

Been a while since my last blog post so I thought I share these little stuff that I got this past few weeks :)

Took a trip to my favourite shop again....Superdrug ^_^ and got myself these goodies. I wanted to change my face moisturisers that I usually use so I decided to try this age resisting day and night cream.
I've been using Simple for about 3 or 4 years now and it's been really good to my skin. Most simple products have SPF15, so I feel like I don't need sun cream when I do use it, especially in the summer. And it's filled with lots of Vitamins (like Vitamin B3) that are great for your skin. The consistency is very thick and it's very moisturising so you don't need a lot of it.     - £6.59

I also tried the Sleek Contour Kit and I must say I absolutely love it. Both the contour and the highlighter is absolutely amazing and it's perfect for my skin tone. Definitely in love with this and the best part is, it's freaking cheap. it's only £6.45....I use the shade in Medium.

I already have a Real Technique blush brush and I think it's one of the best brushes out there. It's dead soft and helps whatever products you're putting on glide on smoothly. So I decided to try both the Face and eye brush set but was only able to get my hands on the Face brush cause the other was sold out in both Boots and Superdrug...booooo :(         - £20.99

I've tried a few face wedges and I was in love with Mac's face wedges until I tried the Miracle Face Complexion by Real Techniques. Amazing! The shape of the wedge is perfect to get in on the tinniest areas of your face. The bridge of your nose, under your eyes for concealing or just applying either liquid or solid foundation. Face wedges are always expensive (for me anyway) so for £5.99, that's pretty descent.
P.S. Real Technique brush sets are about a £1 cheaper at Superdrug than Boots ;)
 Added two new lipsticks to my collection. This is the first time I am trying an AVON lipstick so I was a bit cautious about this.
For £8.50 this is pretty good. I usually buy Mac lipsticks and we all know how pricey those are. So I wanted something a little bit cheaper but of good quality and this does the job. It's in a lovely red shade, it very glossy and it glides on very smoothly. 

And as always I'm a sucker for packaging so this looked absolutely gorgeous to me hehe ^_^

Red Embrace - £8.50

I've always wanted to try darker shade lipsticks especially plum and since I wasn't too sure how it'd look on me I decided to go for something inexpensive to try first. It's actually very similar to the one on top in terms of how glossy and smoothly it glides on.
 Smooth Plum - £5
The colours are so vibrant and looks even better with the lip pencils that I got with it (pictures shown way down below...keep scrolling). The only "bad" thing about these lipsticks is it can get a bit messy because it's so soft. It melts very easily and it needs to be re-applied frequently especially after eating/drinking. The pro however is it doesn't need much of a build up.
I'm slowly trying to build my makeup brush collection and since they can be a bit pricey and I'm no makeup pro, I tend not to buy them in sets. I also like trying different types of brushes so this was the perfect opportunity to try these eye brushes from Zoeva.
From the left - 221 Luxe Soft Crease, 227 Luxe Soft Definer, 317 Wing Liner (£5 each)

Zoeva is a German company that deals in makeup brushes, eyeshadows and other makeup tools and products. Most of their brushes go for about a fiver a piece but they also sell them in sets. Since this was my first time trying these, I wanted to buy a few first.

I will definitely be re-buying these cause they're absolutely amazing. I love everything about this. The brush is so soft and it's great for beginners like myself. I have a few brushes from Mac, ELF and a few other drugstore brands but this is currently my favourite. Each brush comes in the little cute bags on the right and for £5, it is definitely worth buying.
From the left - AVON Eyeliner brush, True Red, Deep Plum

So this is the Ultra Glimmerstick lip liner range that goes for £6 a piece. Not much to say about this really. If you've ever used sleek lip liners they're pretty much the same. Colours are very bold and it stays on pretty much the whole day. If you are a huge fan of the glimmerstick eyeshadow pencil (like I am), then you'll definitely love this.
I haven't had the chance to use the eyeshadow brush yet so unfortunately cannot really comment on how good/bad it is at the moment :( I'm pretty sure it won't be that bad cause of how soft it feels.

I love eyeshadows and I'm always dying to try new colours and new brands. This is from AVON and it's the True Colour Eyeshadow Duo. I have already worn it and it's really beautiful. The colours are vibrant but not too bold. They're subtle just the way I like 'em. I use the darker colour on the outside corners of my eye and the lighter colour on the inside corners of my eye.
True Colour Eyeshadow Duo - £6
I should stop buying nail polish but then what's the fun in that :p
Added four new shades to my collection. 

From the Left - AVON Color Trend (in Violet Freeze £3), AVON Speed Dry (in Enchanted Siren £6), Cacee Nail Lacquer (in Cora £4.99), Colour Club (in TLC 350 £2.50)

I will do some swatches later on for these on my nails so you can get a clear picture of how they really look like. I currently have Cacee on my nails and it's a lovely nude colour. I posted a picture of this on my instagram when I got my nails done at the salon about  a week ago.

Hope you liked this post.

Happy Shopping & a Happy Easter guys xxx

Disclaimer - "Everything shown here was bought by me with my money. I haven't been paid to do a review of this and these are solely my opinions based on my experiences with these products"

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