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April 05, 2016


So I've had this post pre-written for about a week now, patiently waiting to push the Publish button and then my charger went and died on me so I wasn't able to post it on time like I planned...boooo!!! So we'll just have to settle for today instead :) 

Today's post is going to be on the long awaited NYX Lip Lingerie.  They were officially launched in the UK on the 11th of March. If you are obsessed with makeup and +NYX Cosmetics  like I am, you'll know that these bad boys have been out and about for quite sometime now and we've all been tormented by the constant videos and swatches by american based YouTubers, hoping and praying that maybe just maybe +NYX Cosmetics will have pity on us poor brits and our lack of good drugstore makeup brands and throw some our way. Well our prayers have been answered. Hallelujah! The idea that this is one of the most exciting news I've had this year is quite worrying. That I find this news to be bigger than anything in my life at 25 is pretty sad lol!
Okay so let's start with the first thing we see and then move on to texture and feel. So straight out of the bag I have to say the bottle is pretty neat (neat is the word right?! the kids still use that these days...can't keep up). It's very simple and elegant. For some weird reason, it reminds me of Kylie's Liquid Lipsticks and I don't know why lol. It's a clear bottle so you can get a clear picture of what the colour looks like before trying it. Although I have to mention not all the colours look exactly as it is in the bottle. Depending on your skin tone, some colours maybe darker or lighter.
From Left To Right [Push Up, Bedtime, Ruffle Trim, Exotic, Embellishment, Honeymoon, Teddy, Beauty Mark]
Applicator - The lip lingeries come with a very thin do-foot applicator. Because of the size of the applicator it makes application as easy as spreading butter on toast. You're able to get to the tiniest corners of your mouth. No! Not your mouth, you lips. You can actually line your lips with them, for those that like to experiment and mix up colours.
From Left To Right [Push Up, Bedtime, Ruffle Trim, Exotic]
The second thing I love about these liquid lipsticks is the texture. It's not thick and it's not runny. It has some sort of a mousey texture. Maybe mousey isn't the best description because then you'd think it's sticky which it's not. It goes on like a cream and because it's not runny it doesn't create a mess. You have total control of how you apply the product. The formulation on these is a dream. They don't dry too quickly so you have enough time to work with it and when they do dry, THEY DRY.
Push Up
Ruffle Trim
It doesn't transfer (so don't be scared to rub your mouth all over your boyfriend's new white shirt. He won't mind, I promise) and it's very long wearing. It's hard to find liquid lipsticks that don't leave your lips feeling dry and chapped. These leave your lips feeling moisturised. That's why these get two huge thumbs up from me. If I had 6 thumbs I'd give it six thumbs up but I don't, so we're just going to have to stick with two. One thing I must mention though is when you do eat, the product on the inner part of your lips do rub off but majority of the product stays on.

I've read and heard other bloggers and YouTubers comparing this to high-end brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks and Stilla All Day Liquid Lipsticks. I can't 100% say for definite since I don't own any of those. But if it is true what they say, then this is a huge STEAL. These liquid lipsticks retail for £6.50 at boots...such a huge bargain! If you weren't fussed about getting it before, well now you should!
From Left To Right [Embellishment, Honeymoon, Teddy, Beauty Mark]
This collection comes with 12 different shades but I only bought 8 because those were the shades that I felt best suited my complexion. Now if I were being sponsored by NYX (which I'm not, but feel free to tell NYX how much I love them) I would definitely want the entire collection just to play around with the other colours. But since we're on a budget and not on Patricia Bright status...yet!....8 will have to do just fine. 

Beauty Mark
Beauty Mark
Two things I don't like about this product - First thing is the colour range. It doesn't come in a variety of colours. It's mostly browns and nudes with Exotic being the only one in the bright shade. I'm hoping that NYX will expand the colour range at some point just like they've done with the SMLCs, because these are now my favourite liquid lipsticks. If you're looking to buy, I wouldn't purchase the entire collection because most of the colours are pretty similar. Three or four colours will do just fine. My favourite out of the 8 I bought are Exotic, Beauty Mark and Ruffle Trim. The second thing I don't like about this product is the fact that it's so difficult to take off. If you plan on wearing this on the daily, be prepared to be giving your lips daily exfoliation. It takes too much effort to get them off but I guess that's the reason why they're so long wearing. You can get up to about 8 hours wear without retouch.

One last thing I must mention though is that boots has the shit-iest pictures for the lingerie line. Literally all the shades on the website look exactly the same which really sucks, so you have no idea what the colours look like or what the hell you're buying. Best bet?! Check out my blog for swatches (yes tell your friends :p) or go on the trusted YouTube for hundreds and hundreds of video swatches before you buy.
NYX Lip Lingerie | From Left To Right [Push Up, Bedtime, Ruffle Trim, Exotic, Embellishment, Honeymoon, Teddy, Beauty Mark]
I thing I've covered pretty much everything I need to cover about these liquid lipsticks. My fingers hurt from typing. This has to be the longest post I have EVER written on my blog. I cannot believe I've stayed up late just to write a 1000 word post about lipsticks. Wow! It's almost 1 am on a school night! That's dedication y'all :p

Anyway I'll leave you all with this. I am super excited about these and if I could wear all the colours at the same time I would. So who is with me? 
WHO IS AS EXCITED ABOUT THESE AS I AM!!!! (Sorry, I'm shouting. I just can't contain my excitement!) 
Let me know what you think. I want to know how people are feeling about this line. Do you think it's worth the hype? Will you be making a purchase?
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  1. This is a great detailed review! I bought 'Bedtime Flirt' recently and initially wasn't a huge fan because I found it quite chappy...then i realised its because my lips needed a good scrub lol. Love it now, but the NYX Lip creams are my still my ultimate favourite!

    Check out my blog -


    1. haha this happens to me all the time...always blame the lippie before realizing my lips are completely chapped :p Mhmmm this is a difficult one for me. I love them both! Can't decide on whether I like the SMLCs better. I think I like the SMLCs for more of an everyday wear cause they're slightly moisturizing than the lip lingerie.

      Laurita xoxo

  2. This is a great post thankks


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