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July 10, 2016

Hollywood Glam

I haven't worn red lipstick in forever and last night I felt like rocking one so I pulled out my trusty old Ruby Woo and created a classic what I like to call 'Hollywood Glam'. This look is perfect for both day and night time, weddings and proms. I'm a very simple girl so when it comes to makeup and fashion I go for the everyday kind of glam. Looks that everyone can rock.

All the colours on my eyes are from the Morphe Brushes 35O palette. This palette hands down is my favourite from Morphe Brushes. It's especially great for beginners because you have all the basic colours you need for a neutral/smokey look. One thing I must say with this look though is that you need to constantly blend the colours out. I swear after I was done, I felt my writs had a workout.

I started off by creating a cut crease below my brows. My natural eye crease is very low so I created a fake crease if I should call it. I used the brown colour from the Morphe Brushes 35O palette and gently in a windshield whipper motion applied the colour on my eye creating a cut crease. A good tip to master if you want to perfect your eye looks is when blending your shadows, hold the tip of the brush and apply the tiniest amount of pressure. The further away your hand is to the top of the brushes/bristles of the brush the more subtle the lines are going to be especially when you're blending upwards close to your brows. 
I then applied a mix of the two darker brown shades into my actual crease and again blended it out to my heart's content. I then took a clean blending brush and with no product on, I blended the colours in my fake crease and actual crease together. The last thing I did was to apply the glitter shade with a little bit of M.A.C Fix Plus on to my lid and gently blended out the colour on my lid into my crease to get a smooth transition.
New additions to my makeup this week is the Primark Brow Gel and L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer, both I'm very crazy about. The L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer I've been wanting to try for the longest time but it's never been sold in the UK until recently. Bought mine from Beauty Bay for a fiver and have been madly in love with it ever since. This might just be my favourite concealer of all time. I somehow managed to get the correct shade by just looking online, it blends like a f@$king dream and it's so pigmented. Gives you the bright Kim K under eye that everybody loves. One thing that I do to make my concealers pop and not crease throughout the day is when I apply it, I leave it on for about 2 or 3 minutes before blending it out and straight after apply a translucent powder over it. I feel like this works best for me. 
I'm in love with the way this look came out and each week I say this is my best look so far :p but I truly believe that this is indeed my best look or at least my favourite look. 
Let me know which of my looks is your favourite and if you've got any makeup look request or products that you'd love for me to review let me know by commenting down below. 
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Find a full list of all products used below. I love you for stopping by:

Brows // MUA Eyebrow Pen 'Brunette'
Primark // Brow Gel


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