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July 05, 2016

The Bloggers Hangout Summer Event

So last weekend, not the weekend that's just gone but the weekend before, I had the opportunity of being invited to my first ever blogger's event. To celebrate their 3rd Birthday, Blogger's Hangout organised a three-day blog event in London. It was such an amazing experience for me for so many reasons. It gave me the chance to meet other bloggers and try some products that I'd never heard before. Being a shy person, I always find it hard to interact with people I do not know and it felt really awkward the first 15 minutes when I was there myself....with no none to talk to :(. But I managed to gather the courage to speak to other bloggers and brand representatives because I thought to myself that was the whole point of travelling 5 hours to London for. 

I attended two out of the three days. Went alone on Friday and with my two sisters on the Saturday. If you didn't know, two out of the 'The' three sisters are bloggers with the third one still contemplating on starting her own. If you're reading this then you already know me and what my blog is about. My little sister, Theresa, who I have featured on my blog before, writes for her own blog - Theresa's Artbook. If you're into Arts & Music you should definitely check her out. When I say art, I mean all kinds of arts - even the makeup kind. She plays the Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica and the Violin.
Back to the event, let's talk Venue. The venue was a lot smaller than I expected but wonderful nonetheless. There was two floors filled with popular brands and new ones (to me). The best part was that the weather was lovely, especially on the Friday. It was very sunny and bright. Got the chance to enjoy my summer dress and slippers. Being that we only get 2 hours of sunshine each year in the UK (:p) you appreciate the little sun you get even if it's for 10 minutes :). In this post, I'm going to show you some of the products I received in my goodie bag. Some I've already used because I was so eager to try and others I haven't touched yet! So in no particular order I'm going to dig into the bag and pull the first thing out.

This brand I met on Sunday and I must say it was the brand I was most excited about. I was giving a full size of both their Advanced Toothpaste and Boosting Serum. The whole point of this little technology in a tube from Regenerate is to prevent enamel erosion by reversing the enamel erosion process and restoring the enamel mineral content with regular use. enamel erosion is caused by acidic attacks from what we eat and drink. Things like fizzy drinks, sodas, citrus juices like lemon or orange juice. These can all be very harmful to your teeth if you consume them regularly.
Everyone is prone to getting this so it is very important to try and avoid it as much as you can. Once your teeth enamel is destroyed, your body cannot reproduce it. Now, I haven't yet tried out this product but I am very eager to. I will keep you updated on the outcome. So there you go, a little Science lesson for you lol.

I may have missed the massages but I still had time to sneak a little pamper session from the United Beauty stall. They had their gel topcoat on show on the day of the event together with their mini travel size USB UV-Light that I adored. It's so small and cute but yet so efficient. I got my nail done on the day, which took roughly about 20-30 minutes. The beauty of their gel topcoat is that it can be used on any nail lacquer you have. You do not need a specific nail lacquer from the exact same company. It's been about a week and a bit since I got them done and they're still going strong. The best part is that you do not need a nail polish remover to take them off. You can simply take them off by gently peeling the gel polish off. I must say a huge Thank You to the beautiful three ladies at the stall who made my experience such an amazing one. So professional and so friendly. Felt like I'd known them for ages, just chitchatting and having a spa day with my friends.

We've all heard of subscription services whether its for shoes, makeup or TV Shows but have you heard of a subscription service for your period? So for just £10.99, Pink Parcel offers a subscription service where every month before or on your period (depending on what calendar day you choose) you get a parcel filled with different array of products to keep you happy during your period. The box contains products like makeup, chocolates, tampons, tea etc. Each month is a different box so you never know what you're going to get which I think is the fun part. The whole idea sounds fascinating to me and I love the fact that it's reasonably priced so you can always try it for a few months if you're curious about it. Subscribe today and your first parcel is only £6.99.

This I call the lazy manicure. How many times have you wanted a manicure so bad but didn't have the money or time to get them done? Or even better how many of you suck at nail art? *Slowly raises hands up!* Unlike my little sister, I'm terrible at nail art and it's not for luck of trying. So many times I've tried and failed miserable so these I know for sure will come in handy. Dinkibelle (such a cute name) are nail wraps for instant manicures. You simply wrap the design of your choosing around your nail, smooth out the wrinkles and file the excess off in a downward motion. You can also apply a gel coat on top of it to give it a gel effect and to take off you can either use a nail polish remover or gently peel of the wrap. They come in a variety of designs and it's so quick to apply. You don;t have to worry about waiting hours on end for your nails to dry. It's £6.99 if you buy one and you get free shipping when you spend £10.

I'm not a tea/coffee drinker, I can barely remember to get enough water in me but one thing I like to drink is Green Tea especially when I'm going through my healthy/diet phase. Currently I'm not drinking anything fancy - just having the Twinings Pure Green Tea but I came across this brand, which I weirdly took an interest in. I'm not a health/food blogger so you'd think what'll interest me the most is makeup and not tea lol. I'm not going to blab a whole page about tea but what I loved about this brand called T-Tox is the various flavours the green tea came in and how you could incorporate it in just about anything. If you don't like the taste of green tea, you can always add it to your smoothie or even your cakes/brownies. How amazing is that! My favourite flavour is the Matcha Energise. It's a blend of ginseng, ginger, guarana and ginkgo biloba powder. If you don't like coffee, this is will be a great caffeine alternative and to give the drink a bit of a kick you can always mix it with Coconut water instead of plain still water.

Other brands I had the pleasure of trying were:

23rd - 25th June 2016

1- 5pm

The Strand Gallery, 
32 John Adams Street, 

Overall I really enjoyed the entire weekend. I'm glad I got the opportunity and the time to attend. I cannot wait for more events like this although I wish they'd be organised up North to cut down my travelling time but it was worth the travel nonetheless. Thanks to The Blogger's Hangout for organising and inviting me to this event. I hope you guys liked this post and if you did don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my blog. It means a lot xxx. If you do manage to try any of the products mentioned above, let me know by commenting down below and if you did attend the event too, i'd like to know what you thought about it :) 

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Once again, I love you for stopping by.

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