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November 30, 2016

R E V I E W | Makeup Revolution Precision Pro Brush

Okay! Okay! I’ll admit I was one of the sceptical ones when these oval brushes first started circulating and becoming super trendy. I didn’t see the appeal of them and the price tag didn’t really help boost my interest in them. Yes, there are now hundreds of dupes out there, especially on eBay and Amazon and I have tried and reviewed one on my blog in the past but I still wasn’t madly in love with them. To me they were okay but not comparable to my Beauty Blender (£16) or my Real Techniques Buffing Brush (£9), until I found The Precision Pro Oval Face Brush by Makeup Revolution.

These were launched a few months ago and I did contemplate for a very long time on whether to pick them up or not. In my mind they were going to be just as good as the eBay or Amazon ones. But boy was I wrong! These brushes are amazing and totally worth the buy. The brushes are sold individually at different price points or you can buy them in a set. They come in three different sets. You can buy the entire collection for £61 (now on sale for £45) or you can opt for the eye or contour set. The Precision Eye Set (which is what I have) comes with three different brushes – Oval Eye, Eyeliner and Round Blending Eye. The Contour kit comes with Oval Face, Oval Cheek, and Oval Shape. 

The Precision Eye Set | £15
The brushes are made from plastic and come in a Rose Gold colour, which I love (and not at all surprising since 2016 has been the year of the Rose Gold). They’re made of synthetic hairs so they’re extremely soft. It feels very smooth and great on the skin. The hair on the brush is fully packed so at first glance you’d think it’s very stiff and probably sucks up a lot of product but it’s actually quite the opposite. They’re fluffy so it gives you a very nice and precise application. The handle is slightly titled so it gives you a nice firm grip for a smooth and even application. Each brush has it’s on purpose but I never really use them for their intended purpose and that works for me. 90% of the time I use my blush brushes for contouring and bronzing. There are no set rules when it comes to makeup. The number one rule is doing what makes you happy. 

The Oval Face

This is the second largest brush from the entire collection. It’s great for applying cream, liquid and powder products. I use this together with my L’Oreal True Match Foundation (c6). I first sprit some Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist | £9.50 (or you can just use water) on the brush, apply my foundation directly to my face and then in a circular motion, I gently buff my foundation into my skin. It blends my foundation in perfectly and gives me a very smooth, flawless finish. The foundation melts into my skin and it gives me an almost skin-like finish. I naturally have freckles and when I use my beauty blender it usually covers them all up. With this brush I can still see a few freckles pepping through my foundation, which I really like for when I want a ‘No Makeup’ Makeup look. Compared to the beauty blender and real techniques buffing brush, this brush gives me less coverage. The RT buffing brush gives me the most coverage, followed by the beauty blender and then the oval face brush. If you did however want more coverage, you can just build it up by gradually adding more product. I also use this to apply translucent powder on top of my concealer, underneath my eyes. Makeup Revolution claims you can also use this to apply contour or blush but I feel the surface area of this brush is to big for contouring.

The Oval Face | £10
The Round Blending Eye + Oval Eye

These two brushes are meant for applying your eye shadows and are great for applying your base colour and adding more depth in your crease. Now I have tried using these for it intended purpose and I won’t lie it wasn’t easy. You can find it a bit challenging because they’re not like the brushes we’re used to. But what I did realise is that the Round Blending Eye brush is great for applying and blending out concealer underneath your eyes, on the bridge of your nose, forehead or around your mouth. Because it’s so small, it can get into the tiniest part of your face and just like the oval face brush, I blend the product out using a gentle, circular motion. I use the Oval Eye brush for contouring my (non-existent :p) cheekbones, chin, neck, jawline and the temples of my head. I apply and blend the product out in little upward strokes. 
The Round Blending Eye | £5
The Oval Eye | £6
The Eyeliner Brush

This is meant for applying eyeliner on your lid or applying eye shadow underneath your waterline and this is the only brush I haven’t used for its intended purpose but I might give it a go at some point. I however use this for nose contouring. I hardly ever contour my nose, mainly because I haven’t yet perfected it and also because I just can’t be arsed. But finding the right tool helps out a lot. The thin, flat surface makes this the perfect brush for contouring your nose. You’re able to draw nice thin, straight lines along the sides of your nose and across the tip of your nose. It also makes the blending process so effortless. Definitely my second favourite brush after the Oval Face brush.

The Eyeliner | £5
The only thing I don’t like about these brushes is the durability. Because they’re made of plastic, these brushes are a very delicate. I have a little chip on the Round Blending Eye brush from when I was cleaning it a few days ago. I was just cleaning the brush head by swirling it in my palm in warm soapy water and it cracked. It’s not completely broken so I can still use it. But it sucks that I’ve only had it for a few weeks and I’ve already got a crack in it. Because of this, I’m very, very careful when using the Face Brush to apply foundation. I’m scared it’ll snap in my hands so I use it with the utmost care. Aside this, I do not have any issues with these brushes. The bristles on the brushes are great, application is great, the packaging is very simple and beautiful and it doesn’t suck up your product. Definitely a 9 outta 10 for me. 

Something worth having or picking up for a friend. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and before you leave don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button. That will be the best birthday present EVER! :p Leave any comment or suggestions you have in the comment section below. I love to read your comments and I always reply back. If you aren’t following me already, I’m on instagram (sylviaforjoe)twitter (sylviaforjoe) and snapchat (sylvia_laurita). Lastly a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my twins and SAGITTARIUS buddies 😊  Let’s enjoy our month!!!

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