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November 24, 2016

R E V I E W | Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Molten Chocolate

Okay so Makeup Revolution has the tendency of making dupes of a lot of Too Faced products and I for one don't mind that at all. Too Faced is a high end brand and if we were to splash cash out on every single product they released, majority of us would be broke. So it's great that brands like Makeup Revolution make dupes that everyone can afford. I actually own a lot of Makeup Revolution products, especially their lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes. I love their Lip Lava, which is a very good dupe of the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wearing Lipsticks. They've just recently launched the I Heart Makeup Molten Chocolate which in my opinion is a little bit glossier than the lip lava.

The I Heart Makeup Molten Chocolate is a dupe for the Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquified Lipstick. The Molten Chocolate comes in six different shades, ranging from pink-ish nudes to more dark chocolatey colours. Out of the six I was more drawn to three shades. Now the reason why I didn't pick all the six shades to review is because I didn't want to review 3 shades that I knew for certain that I didn't like based on the colour vs my skin tone and end up given a wrong impression of it. I wanted this to be a true reflection of my thoughts on the product. Saying that, if you'd prefer to see a review of an entire collection rather than my personal preferences, then please let me know. All the products I review on my blog are purchased with my own money so sometimes I need to be a bit frugal....I guess. But as I've mentioned on several occasions, this blog is as much yours as it is mine, so please, let me know what you like 😊
From Left To Right [Naked Chocolate, I Heart Chocolate, Fondue]
All that said, let's dive straight into the review. So the Molten Chocolate comes in the same packaging as the lip lava. 
It's slightly thinner and longer than the lip lava but contains the same amount of product - 12ml. Annoyingly just like the lip lava, the Molten Chocolate doesn't have the name of the shades on the tube. The names are only on the box, so if you throw that away, you're pretty much f**k'd. The product comes in a tube so you basically squeeze the product out on to the sponge-like applicator and apply onto your lips. You can also apply it using your finger or a lip brush. I realised that with the nude shades, it was a lot harder to get the product out. It was as if the darker shade was filled to the brim, so the product easily and gently oozes out. But the lighter shades felt a lot lighter, like there was less product....strange!
Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Molten Chocolate - Naked Chocolate | £3.00

Makeup Revolution I Hear Makeup Molten Chocolate - I Heart Chocolate | £3.00
I haven't been paid to say this (TRUST!) but I've never had any bad experience with any lipstick I've bought from Makeup Revolution. If there's any negative, it's only because the shade didn't suit my skin tone but that's not a negative on their part. So I kind of expected the Molten Chocolate to follow in the same footsteps. I knew from the beginning the colour pigmentation on these were going to be intense and I was right! It's super crazy how a £3 lip product can be more intense than some £10 (or more) products I've tried. The colours are very vibrant and true to colour. The colour on the tube is the exact same colour when swatched and the same colour swatched is the same colour you'll get when you put it on your lips. Get it?! I know sometimes products can be deceiving. Some products swatch great but apply poorly. But this definitely doesn't. What you see is what you get. If the colour pigmentation is too loud for you, you can always mute it down by patting some of the product down with the back of your hand or a tissue paper.
Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Molten Chocolate - Fondue | £3.00
Note that this is not a liquid lipstick, so it doesn't go on or dry matte. It's goes on like a lip balm, so it's very creamy. It also contains Vitamin E so it's very moisturising and not at all sticky. It does transfer because it's not matte but it's nothing a translucent powder can't fix, if that's your preference. The staying power on these are really great as well. Because it's not matte, you'll have to touch up whenever you eat or drink but without eating or drinking, you can get about 8 hours of wear out of it. Makeup Revolution claims that the Molten Chocolate smells like chocolate (hence the name) and it actually does. But it's a hint of chocolate. Literally a slight hint of chocolate, it's barely noticeable. I had to really sniff the sh*t out of it to really notice it.
My favourite out of the three has got to be I Heart Chocolate. This is my absolute perfect lip colour aside from red. It's a pink-ish, mauvey colour with an under layer of a brown tint to it. Absolutely gorge! If you were going to pick any colour, any colour at all, you have to pick up I Heart Chocolate. Just do it for me! Fondue just reminds me of chocolate. Straight up chocolate. It's like taking a bar of Toblerone and smearing it on your lips. It such a beautiful chocolatey, brown shade. Absolutely perfect for the Autumn. So for those of you having Thanksgiving Dinner tonight, you still have about 6 hours-ish to grab yourself one to look festive or if you live in the UK just grab one for Christmas. I'm sure it'll work fine.
From Top to Bottom [I Heart Chocolate, Naked Chocolate, Fondue]
Makeup Revolution has done it again for me! Absolutely love these and if I was giving out Christmas stockings, I would definitely pop one or three in each stocking but unfortunately (or fortunately) we don't do Christmas gifts in my house (don't ask!), only food. But let me know if you will be trying these out and also what Christmas Traditions do you have in your family?!

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