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January 17, 2017

NYX HAUL | 2017

Just like majority of women out there, I love to shop and my soft spot is for makeup. So last weekend I took my usual trip down to boots after a gym session, just to look around the NYX stall to try and find some new makeup to play around in or to review on the blog. I picked up a few things that caught my eye and figured I share it with you guys, so you know what I'm currently loving. I love +NYX Professional Makeup, they're one of my favourite drugstore brands. Definitely in my top 10. Their products are so high quality and at such an affordable price. Plus the fact that you can now buy them in store at boots (which you couldn't about a couple of years ago) is so much more convenient.

Because I usually buy the products that I feature on my blog with my money, I tend to do a lo of research and testing before making any purchase. I swatch products a hell lot of times in stores before making a purchase. So that's why 90% of the time I love all products in my hauls. When it comes to reviewing products on the other hand, I will buy a product regardless of whether I like it or not, because that's what reviews are about. It's about giving your honest opinion (good or bad) on a particular product regardless of your preference. But for my hauls, I usually tend to stick to things I like. 

Some of these products I purchased are re-purchases (i.e. the Pore Filler Primer,  Shine Killer Primer and Madeleine Butter Gloss) and some are new buys. I hope you enjoy the post and find something in here that you like/will like to try.

Are there any new products from 2017 that you're currently loving that I should keep an eye out for? 

Comment down below and let me know. If you missed my two previous posts, you can check them out here --> New Year Resolution and 2016 Re-Cap & a few things I got during the Boxing Day sales.

As always I love you for stopping by xxx

NYX Primers
The pore filler and shine killer are my top favourite primers. I tend to use both together when I'm doing a very glam look. I use the pore filler all over my face and the shine killer on my T-Zone, Chin and a dab on my cheeks. Basically any area that gets super oily throughout the day. The Angel Veil I haven't used before. I've heard good things about it on YouTube but never tried it out for myself, so really excited to see how good it is. Because I have super oily skin, primers are really a must have in my kit.
NYX Angel Veil (front) | £11NYX Pore Filler (back left) | £11NYX Shine Killer (back right) | £11
NYX Ultimate Shadows - Warm Neutral Palette
This is definitely going to be in my favourites for 2017. Such an inexpensive palette but of such high quality and you know I'm a sucker for warm neutral colours. Comment down below if you'd like a full review and swatches of this palette.
NYX Warm Neutral Palette | £16
NYX Pro Contour
You can get these in a palette with different contouring and highlighting shades or you can get them in singles like I did (I got mine in the shade 05 Tan). I'm not really a big fan of contour palettes because I always tend to only use about two colours from the entire palette and the rest of the shades go to waste. Plus I wanted to try at least one shade first to see if I liked the formula enough to invest in the palette. £18 for a contour palette isn't bad at all considering I paid over £40 for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette (which I must say I do love).
NYX Pro Contour Single | Shade: 05 Tan
NYX Pro Contour swatch
Everyone knows I'm all about the matte lips so because of this, I've never really invested in lip glosses. I don't really like the sticky feeling on your lips, how they transfer everywhere and on everything. If you have long hair and happen to be somewhere windy, you'll spend the whole day picking hair of your lips. I've just always found lip glosses to be more of a hassle to wear, but for some reason (let's blame YouTube and Instagram) I've really been into glossy lips lately. The only one I owned was the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade 'Madeleine'. This is a classic nude, transparent colour that goes great alone or on top of any lip colour. Because I loved this so much, I decided to try more shades from this range. So I picked up three more - 'Ginger Snap', 'Red Wine Truffle' and 'Raspberry Pavlova' and so far so good.
NYX Butter Gloss | £5 [ From Left to Right: Madeleine, Ginger Snap, Raspberry Pavlova, Red Wine Truffle]
NYX Butter Gloss | £5 [From Top to Bottom: Madeleine, Ginger Snap, Raspberry Pavlova, Red Wine Truffle]
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