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January 24, 2017


Sylvia Forjoe
I wish you could hear me squeal at how excited I am to review this palette. I don't know what it is about warm neutral tones that make me fall so madly in love with them. Maybe it's because I enjoy natural looking makeup over super glamorous looks. I'm more of a 'No-Makeup-Makeup' look kinda girl, so I guess that explains it. 

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I tend to do a lot of research on a product before I purchase it for a review. I look at hand swatches as well as makeup looks on different skin tones on YouTube, Instagram and sometimes on Pinterest. I also sometimes read other blog reviews before making up my mind. But I didn’t go through all that hassle with this palette. I just came across it at boots and I instantly knew that I would love it. The kind of quality you get from this palette is what I would expect from some high end brands and I don’t mean this in a negative or condescending way towards NYX or the high end brands. I mean this as a compliment to NYX. 

Makeup is expensive (I know, because I have a ton of it) and the majority of high pigmented, long lasting eyeshadow palettes are usually in the £40+ range and not everyone can afford that price tag, regardless of how amazing the palette is. Even though I’m a blogger and it is my job to purchase and review these products, I still cry when I have to click the ‘Buy Now’ button. Ooh yes! Believe that! So to find a palette that is equally comparable to high end brands at a much cheaper price is more than a bargain.
This collection is made up of four different palettes. You have the Warm NeutralsCool NeutralsBrights and Smokey Highlights. The colours in the Cool Neutrals and Smokey Highlights are pretty similar. They contain a lot of blues, purples and pale silvery, shimmer shades. Brights is more of a Spring/Summer palette. This palette has every bright colour you can think off. I decided to go with the Warm Neutrals because it's more of an everyday/every season palette.

This palette comes with 16 different shades ranging from light browns to dark browns, gold and silver tones. There are 9 mattes and 7 shimmer shades. The formula on these are amazing. It's very smooth, buttery and creamy so because of this, some of the shades do have a bit of a fallout but that's expected with all palettes that have a buttery texture. 

One annoying issue I have with some eyeshadow palettes is how great they swatch on the hands and then you tend to struggle to get any colour pay off on your lid. One of my biggest pet peeve, so I have to say Thank You to NYX for not making this one of those palettes. The colours swatch great both on the hand and on the lid.

They are also super blendable and long wearing. Very pigmented and apply very smoothly. Majority of the colours aren't patchy and are very easy to work with. The only colours I struggled with are the first and last colours on the second row. The pigmentation on these two weren't as good as the rest of the palette but you can still work with it.
NYX Warm Neutral Palette | First and Second Row

NYX Warm Neutral Palette | Third and Fourth Row
The only negative about this palette is the fact that it is so freaking hard to open. The clasp on the palette isn't the best quality. It takes a few tries to really pry it open but that's just a little negative that I don't necessarily mine as much. All in all I absolutely love this palette. I'd be surprised if this didn't re-appear in one of my monthly favourites. I give this palette a 9/10 (only because I never give anything a 10/10). I definitely recommend it if you're looking for an affordable, neutral palette to add to your collection.

I'm curious to know, if you've tried this palette, do you love it as much as I do? Or am I just head over heels for NYX? ( I think it's both 😝)

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