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May 29, 2017


Okay, I have to admit I am slightly obsessed with yellow now. I do one yellow look and now all I want to do is wear yellow everytime. Mhmmm, I wonder what it looks like on the lip?! Here's another spring look with a dash of yellow. I know we've been having terrible weather here in the UK (what's new right?) but let's not let that get us down. We still can wear our flowery dresses and sandals and rock those bright coloured makeup looks on that 1 hour of sunshine we get every other Saturday. You know that one hot sunny day when everyone comes out to enjoy the sun because you never know when you're going to see it again. Yes that one!

I really enjoyed this look because it was really easy to do. It's like a two-in-one look. Remember the look I posted a couple of weeks ago? It's basically the exact same look. I just added a ton (gradual build up but a ton nonetheless) of orange in my crease, all over my lid and underneath my lower lash, leaving just a smiggin' of yellow in the middle to create this halo like effect. I think I'm in love.
I love how different the look is depending on whether my eyes are opened or closed. It looks more like a yellow liner when I have my eyes closed and you can see the halo effect a lot more with my eye opened. I also love how beautifully the two colours (i.e. orange and yellow) compliment each other and blend into each other so seamlessly. 
Oh and if you're wondering why I changed my top, as in the tank top (more like a bodysuit) from the second photo, it had too much boob-age. And considering I live near a busy road and right next to a busy tennis court, I felt it was enough that people were starring at me taking random selfies and making weird faces and poses, I didn't want to add indecency to the mix lol. 

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