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November 05, 2017


By now everyone and their mama knows about Fenty Beauty. Hell, I blogged about the launch of their second collection last week. What I didn't/haven't done is to give my two cents on the products from the first launch. So here it goes.

Rihanna launched her first ever makeup brand on September 9th 2017 and I must say this was one of the most anticipated makeup launches ever! (well at least for me it was). The collection consists of a primer, foundation, highlighters, contours, brushes, blotting powder, blotting paper and a lip gloss. This collection isn't just one of the best makeup I've bought this year but one of the best makeup I own. The foundation is now my favourite and even though Trophy Wife may not be an every day go to, it's still to die for.

I haven't seen makeup reviews go up as quickly as they did with this brand. There were tons and tons of makeup reviews up on YouTube literally about two hours after the launch. It was insane! This and others are the reason I didn't want to post my review in the first place because I felt there was enough opinions to go around. So that being said, I'm going to (TRY) make this review short and sweet and give you a makeup look to go with it as a bonus.

 I didn't really pickup a lot of stuff, from the entire collection I got:
I love this foundation. I've mentioned this a lot of times on my blog about my foundation struggle (I know, first world problem right), so to find one foundation shade that matches my skin tone and leaves my skin matte for hours is insane, like seriously, what is there not to love?! The Pro Filt'r foundation comes in 40 different shades! That's F-O-R-T-Y shades! So you're more than likely going to find at least 1 shade that's going to suit your skin tone. From the very lightest to the very darkest skin tone, there's a shade for everyone. My hope is that she'll expand the shades rather than creating new formulas because the formula is GREAT as is. 

This is one of the best foundations for oily skin, hands down! I'm a grease ball and if I want a flawless look, I usually have to touch up at least every 2 hours, one of the reasons why I don't wear makeup to work (ain't nobody got time for that). But with this foundation, I can go 7 straight hours with just 1 touch up. I'm in makeup heaven! One thing to note when picking up your foundation shade (if you don't get colour matched that is) is that the colour goes slightly darker after a few minutes of wear. I tend to go darker during the summer and especially when I travel so it's not too much of a big deal for me. And during the winter when I'm a lighter, I make it work by using a lighter concealer and pulling back from the contour and bronzing. But if you want the 'perfect' match, you might have to go slightly lighter from the shade that matches your skin tone to the T. You'll get it when you swatch. Go have fun.
One of the things I love about this brand is that every single product is multi-purpose. So you can use the contour sticks as lipsticks and they actually feel really good on the lips, trust! You can use the Match Stix as highlighters, eyeshadows, blush and lipsticks. So if you're on the broke spectrum like myself, then you don't have to get the entire collection. Just one or two of the Match Stix will do everything. They're so creamy, very smooth and blend so easily. I struggle with cream contours a lot so I usually stick to powders but I think I'll be using these quite a lot.

The main thing that caught my eye (and I'm sure everyone else's) from all the mayhem on instagram is that beautiful, bright, yellow glitter goodness called Trophy Wife. This is such a one of a kind and I usually stick to 'normal looking' highlighter shades. I don't do the greens and the purples and the unicorn and rainbow colours. It's either a gold, a silver or a tan shade for me BUT.....BUT.....Trophy Wife just called to me and I'm glad I got it. The best advice I can give you with this, is to be very gentle with it. Treat it like a baby. You want to use a very light hand because it's super pigmented, you do not want to walk around looking like a traffic cone. That's so last season.

Lastly, the lipgloss. I'm not really a lip gloss kinda girl. I'm a matte girl. I've owned 1 lip gloss for pretty much my entire life and I've always wanted to try one of MAC's lip glosses because everyone goes on about it but I doubt I'll be getting one now after purchasing the Gloss Bomb. Because it is bomb! I'm not even going to go into it. Just take my word for it! Trust me, this and the foundation will be the best thing you've bought from this collection and the best makeup you've bought all year. PERIOD!
There are a few things from the line that I'm really eager to try out but adulting and budgeting won't let me live my life. The highlighter and contour brush are the two that haunt me the most. They're super soft and I've seen some really great reviews on them. I like the highlighter brush the most, I find the shape very intriguing. It's curved to fit perfectly in the contours of your face. Second is the blotting powder. A - I'm in need of a new translucent powder for my under eye (ben nye really isn't doing it for me anymore and I can't find the RCMA powder anywhere to save my life) and B. sometimes I just want to take off the excess oil without packing on more colour so this powder is perfect to do just that. On the Christmas list they go!

I love everything about this brand. I love the quality of the products, style of the packaging and the message behind the brand. I love how inclusive Fenty Beauty is. The fact that they made a foundation in 40 Shades speaks so highly of them. To a lot of people this probably means jack-shit but personally to be able to walk into a store, try out ONE foundation shade and for that shade to match your skin tone so closely is just amazing. Such a game changer. I'm sold and excited to see what else she has in store.

As always I love you for stopping by and P.S. sorry for the long post. I did say I'll try. Can't blame a girl for falling in love with her makeup. It happens, don't judge.


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