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November 02, 2017

R E V I E W | Morphe x Jaclyn Hill **FINALLY!**

 I thought this day would never come. I had to sit in my bedroom and watch while this little square box go on sale and sell out and then back on sale and sell out again overseas. Meanwhile, I'm sat in the UK contemplating on whether to pay the ridiculous shipping + tax fee just to get this amazing pot of goodness in my hands. Well, I'm glad I waited! It's a lot of months to wait for but boy was it worth the wait. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the lovely people at BeautyBay for bringing this palette to the UK. We all love you and are very grateful for it. I got free shipping and no bloody tax man at my door asking for more money. Bonus!

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So by now if you haven't realised, this is THE Review of the highly anticipated, highly reviewed, highly talked about and highly hyped palette from Morphe in Collaboration with YouTube sensation Jaclyn Hill. I beat myself last year for not getting the Favourite's Palette so when she brought out her second collaboration, I knew I had to get my hands on it. When it comes to eyeshadows (especially the affordable kind) there are four brands that are my go to: Zoeva (my absolute favourite), Makeup Geek, NYX and Morphe. I have 4 massive eyeshadow palettes from Morphe (35O palette is a must) that I got last year that I still absolutely love. So I knew for certain that these were going to be great. I just didn't know how great they were going to be.
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This palette retails for £37 which I think is pretty expensive especially from a brand like Morphe. Not exactly sure why the surge in prices because if I remember correctly, Jaclyn's previous Morphe Palette didn't sell for this much. Not happy about that at all. Also the colour of the packaging. Makeup packaging should not never come in White or Suede. Why?! Simple, because makeup stains. My room becomes a war zone everytime I apply makeup. There's colours on the wall and on my table and everywhere else I've touched. At the moment I'm super, super careful not to completely destroy the packaging but can't hold out for long. It's going to get dirty after a few more uses and that really annoys the hello outta me. Why she chose white, I'll never understand. 
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So now that I've got my frustrations out, let's talk formula, texture, packaging, pigmentation and all that good stuff. Now I didn't think there would be a difference in the formula and I'm not too sure if there is actually a difference in the formula because it doesn't say anywhere on the box but it definitely feels different. The matte shades are a lot smoother and buttery than their previous palettes. The darker shades are very pigmented. I scared myself just swatching them. I love the range of colours in the palette too. It's not just one kind of look. It's not an everyday palette or a neutral palette or a summer palette. It's an ALL palette and I love that about it. It's definitely going to be my travel palette. I usually tend not to plan my makeup looks, same as my clothes really. I pack a bunch of stuff for every weather and every mood (hence the reason why I always have 16 suitcases for a weekend trip...listen, I don't make the rules, I just follow them) and I kinda go with the flow when I get there. So it's nice to have a palette like this on the go that I can create any and every look with. Thank you Jaclyn. 
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The palette consists of a mix of matte, glitter, satin, foil and shimmer shades. The choice of colours in this palette are great, the formula is amazing, the texture is great and the pigmentation too. The only downside is that the lighter colours are really light on MY SKIN TONE, like really light. You can barely see them. I had a hard time just swatching them let a lone applying it on my lid. I wish these shades were more pigmented because I've seen it on people lighter than me and it looks stunning. So definitely a point down for that. Another thing I wish they made improvement too was the shimmy-shimmer. The colours are pigmented but I wish they stuffed a shit more tone of glitter in each pot. I like to be seen from Space, it's the whole point of wearing shimmer shades. Aside this, I think the palette is a really good addition to the Morphe family. I don't think this is going to be part of their permanent line, so if you're interested better get it fast before time runs out. I would recommend this palette especially to people who are just getting into makeup and college students as well. As far as good eyeshadow palettes go with a multitude of colour options and at an affordable price, the Jaclyn Hill Palette is a good one to have.

If you already own this palette, let me know what YOU think about it. I'd like to see some of your looks as well, so leave me your blog name or social media details below in the comment section. I can't wait to check them out. I'm also planning on doing a look with this palette (as I always do), so drop your suggestions down below on what you'd like to see.

As always, I love you for stopping by x

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