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March 16, 2012


So recently the Kardashian clan have been creating a Facebook page and interacting more with their fans. When I say Facebook page I don't mean a group page, I mean an actual profile page and the best thing is they are adding just about anyone and they actually respond to comment and have regular chats with their fans. Now I know a lot of you don't give a shit about this which is fine but I do and that's why I am writing about it. At the end of the day this is MY BLOG and I can say whatever the hell I want :p
I think it started with Khloe...I'm not entirely sure but she was the first to add me to her profile page and then the Jenners - Kylie and Kendal joined in. She then convinced Kim to join (which I personally thought would never happen...I mean come's Kim. She's a DIVA and frankly she's got the right to be) and just recently I added Rob to the list but i think he had a page longer than Kim but I only found out like two days ago. I don't know why I feel like its worth blogging about, but Beyonce wouldn't care to create a page or even interact with her fans...not that she doesn't have the time (well maybe now she doesn't...being a mom and all) but she just can't be bothered to.

And people should stop hating on the Kardashians like for real. I think its crazy the way they are making millions of everyone and not doing much. I mean Kylie and Kendal were literally born in cash and never have to work a day in their lives. I'm here barely tryna pass my final exams and Kendal who's only like what 15 is driving a car that I probably will never own but that's their lives and its just stupid that people hate them for that reason. A lot of us watch Geordie Shore, Jersey shore and Desperate Scouse wives and yet we complain about the Kardashians??!!?? Like for real people Desperate Scouse wives?!? That show makes me ashamed to be from Liverpool. Yet even they are millionaires now....*Huhe Sigh*

I'm sorry but I find the family very fascinating. The mom especially is a great inspiration for money. She gets bashed on for exploiting her kids when she really doesn't (ok sometimes she does) but she's a manager that's her job. She is a terrific business woman though and she doesn't even have a degree for it. Now that's some good brains.


  1. kim got big ass !!!,lauritaonline is the best blog ever ;) next perez hilton :p oh wait no sextapes on here. we need a sextape laurita :p p.s not kim's but yours

    1. Paris OR Perez?! Used to hate both of them but i think i have a different perspective about them now. Can't say i adore them though.....(thanks 4 the comment)


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