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April 09, 2012


Hey guys so I don't know about you but I have been having a terrific Spring weather this year...well more like had. I absolutely love Spring, it is my favourite weather of all time mainly because it so unpredictable yet enjoyable. I hate the cold and I don't necessarily enjoy too much heat either and hence the reason why I love Spring.
It's the only season that you can get away with wearing crazy bright colours, be it your hair, your clothes or your nails. You get longer days and shorter nights because the earth's axis tilts towards the sun and the hemisphere becomes much warmer causing new plants to grow and flowers to bloom hence the idea of rebirth and renewal. Now doesn't that sound lovely.

Over here in the UK we have had a pretty good run of warm weather for about a week or two but it has suddenly got much colder. Which means no more sunglasses and back to wearing coats. I don't mind it too much I guess, because I still do get to wear my "summery" clothes I just gotta wear a thick ass tights underneath which isn't all that bad if you ask me.

Nail Polish from Avon (Spring Look)
Moving on, I bought these really cool nail polishes from avon about a couple of weeks ago and I ave literally been wearing them for like a week and a half now. It's really gorgeous and it's only £3 a piece. There is numerous variety of colours to choose from. At the moment I have pink, light blue and a deep blue, light purple and orange.

Don't they look amazing?! I wish I could show them much better but as you can tell iphone Camera aint the best camera in the world :(

My Spring Look (Natrual look...bringing more emphasis on the eyes. A dash of pink blush & try to keep your lips as natrual as possible. I have on Mac Creame Sheen Likeable. Just got it like two days ago and I am in love with it. Goes for £13.50 just like most Mac products) 

Anyway enjoy Your Spring guys and for those of us preparing for our final exams...well good luck to you all :D

  xoxo LuLu

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