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April 20, 2012



What do you guys think about hair scarfs?! I for one was never a huge fan. I liked the way certain people wore it because they had some pretty good techniques that made them look different and stand out. Because I have what some may say a big head :p there are certain things (a lot) that I don't think suits me so I don't necessarily try them. So today after a long day in lectures, I came home and just wanted to have dinner and go to sleep. So I grabbed my favourite long pink scarf and tied it around my head just to get my hair out of my face and I was amazed by the outcome. The best part is I wasn't even trying. It looked good (at least to me it does :p) and made me want to wear scarfs everyday now. I just need to learn new styles and find ones that best suit me. Now to reciprocate the same style tomorrow :( hmmmm! good luck to me

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