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November 17, 2016

R E V I E W | NYX LID Lingerie

Sometime this year I did a post on the NYX Lip Lingerie and because it was one of my most popular post, I decided to do a review on the new NYX LID LINGERIE EYE TINT. Unlike the lip lingerie, there wasn't a lot of hype, especially on YouTube about this product which I was very surprised about. The lip lingerie was one of the biggest beauty hype of this year and because it was so successful and popular, I expected the lid lingerie to follow in the same footsteps but unfortunately it didn't.

I came across the lid lingerie by accident on YouTube. I can't really remember how, I think I was looking around to see swatches of more of the NYX SMLCs and one video of the lid lingerie popped up as a recommendation. So after seeing a few swatches online, I was 100% sold. All I had to do was pick some up, try it for myself and hope it met my expectations. So after my gym session on Saturday, I popped into Boots, walked straight to the NYX counter, swatched a few colours and picked up my favourite four.

Now I say 'new' but it really isn't. I think this product launched just around the same time the lip lingerie was released. So it's been out for quite sometime but it's been on the hush! hush! for some reason. For such an inexpensive product, I would have thought that it would sell like hot cakes. Unless everyone got on the hype train and I just wasn't invited. 
From Left to Right [Whimsy, Night Glow, Bronze Mirage, Gold Standard]
So if you're wondering what the lid lingerie is, it's basically the lip lingerie but for your eyes. It's an eye tint which is basically like a cream eyeshadow. I for one like the concept of cream eyeshadows. It's great for people who do not like to wear a lot of makeup and for people that are not necessarily great at blending and combining multiple shades. It's also great for when you're in a rush and you just want to throw something nice on your lid but you also want it to look very easy and effortless.

Saying all that, I don't usually wear eye tints or any sort of liquid products on my eyes (except for eyeliner of course) because I have oily skin. Eye tint/cream eyeshadows after a long wear usually tend to slip and slide and settle in my crease, which is not a good look. So I've stayed away from them and stuck to the powders. But I can 100% guarantee that I will be using this quite often. 
From Left to Right [ Whimsy - Mid-tone Pink,  Night Glow - Taupe Shimmer, Bronze Mirage - Golden Bronze, Gold Standard - Rich Gold]
The lid lingerie comes in 12 different shades ranging from more neutral subtle shades to bright gold and pink shades. If you're in the UK it retails at £6.00 from retail shops like boots and feeluniuqe. The packaging is very similar to the lip lingerie except it's slightly shorter and wider. It does however hold the same amount of product - 4ml. It comes in a clear tube bottle with NYX Lid Lingerie written bold across it with the name of the shade. It also comes with a doe-foot applicator, which is perfect for picking up the product and applying on to your lid. I found the best way to blend the product in, is to use your finger. Your finger gives you a lot more flexibility and allows you to really work the product into your skin, plus the warmth of your finger melts the product and makes it easier to blend.

The consistency is very creamy and I like the way it feels especially when you blend it into your skin. It's not sticky, which is something I do not expect from most liquid products. Most liquid products like eye tints and lip glosses tend to be a bit sticky but rest assured this isn't. It's not wet and sticky at all. Because it's so creamy, it dries very quickly. It took about 30 seconds for it to completely dry, which is ample time if you want to add more colours or add on/blend in a powder shadow. Depending on your preference, you can wear the lid lingeries alone or together with a powder eyeshadow. It works well with powder shadows be it matte or glitter. It blends easily and goes on top or underneath it pretty well too.
From Top to Bottom [Gold Standard, Bronze Mirage, Night Glow, Whimsy]
So this (unlike the lip lingerie) is supposed to be a sheer coverage. They're designed to be a soft wash of colour and a beautiful sparkly shimmer on your lid. So don't expect anything bold and metallic with regards to pigmentation. However, I was expecting the colours to be a little bit more vibrant than it is. The colours swatch a lot better on your hand than it applies on your lid so remember that when you are swatching them in store. Most of the colours do not show up properly in person either. You can really only see the true colours better in flash photography, which kinda sucks. If you want just a subtle hint of colour then two coats will do just fine. If not then you will have to really pack on the colour. This isn't waterproof either but it has a very long staying power. Stays on for a very long time without creasing and when it's time to come off, it comes off very easily. A single swipe of micellar water does the trick.

One thing that I love about this product is how multi purpose it is. You can basically use it for anything. You can use it as an eyeshadow as it was intended for, but you can also use it as a highlighter, a liquid liner or even lipstick. I use my liquid lipsticks as blushes all the time. It's a great way to try different blush colours out without having to spend the extra $$$. All in all I do like this product. It won't make it on my top 2016 makeup list (but her cousin lip lingerie definitely will!) but it's still a good find and a good buy. I definitely will be making good use of it on days when I want to go for a no-makeup-makeup look. For days that I want to really go all out (like my birthday in about 1 week and a bit...hint! hint!😝) I think I'll be giving this a miss. 
This is after I cleaned the swatches off with one gentle swipe of micellar water. Still a soft wash of shimmer on my skin
So let mw know if you're thinking of picking any up or if you already have tried it. Let me know what your thoughts are. Do you like it? Is it going on YOUR top 2016 makeup list? I really like to hear from you guys. 

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