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January 31, 2017

R E V I E W | Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

I'm not sure if there's any need to bother with an intro for this palette. This was one of the most hyped product of 2016. Every YouTuber and Instagramer owned this and it was such a massive craze I'm sure everyone and their mother know about it. So without rambling on for ages, here's my Review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (in my opinion, one of the best palettes of 2016....just saying).

This palette retails at £41 from beautybay and cultbeauty. It is so popular that it's always out of stock. So if you really want to get your hands on one, you have to be really quick. It's literally taken me about 4 months to get my hands on one.

The palette comes with 14 eyeshadows; 11 mattes and 3 satin with a mixture of neutral, highlighting and a lot of reds, berries and orangey shades. It comes with a mirror and a double-ended eyeshadow brush, which serves as a perfect crease, applicator and blending brush. I actually really, really like the brush. I don't own any Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup brush, but if they are all as good as this, I may just invest in some.

The biggest thing I dislike about the palette is the velvet cover that the palette is made out of. It collects dust and stains very easily and it becomes quiet hard to clean. When I'm doing my makeup, my entire room becomes a warzone and it's normal for things to get makeup residue on them but usually a simple swipe of makeup removal does the trick. This palette on the other hand is not as easy to clean and that can be quiet frustrating (for me anyway). Other than that, this palette is really great. So on to the formula.

The formula on this palette is fantastic and it is I guess what you expect when you're paying £41 for a palette. It's very soft, buttery and creamy. I've mentioned this several times on my blog before that usually when eyeshadows are that creamy, they tend to have some fallout. It's expected. They do feel and apply creamy but it has a lot of fallout. It's not dry or powdery! When you dip your brush into the eyeshadow it literally goes everywhere. It does apply smoothly, evenly and very beautifully but the fallout is a little bit too excessive especially for a palette with that price tag.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette | £41

It is however, very pigmented and applies great with or without a primer. They're also long wearing and super blendable. Because I'm of a darker skin tone, some colours can be difficult to work with because they don't show that well on my skin tone but the pigmentation on these are really good. I'd say 90% of the shadows picked up really well. You can see for yourself from the swatches below. Bear in mind that these swatches were done with my finger so they will appear a little more pigmented than they would if done with a brush.
1st Row
·       Tempera (matte beige)
·       Golden Ochre (matte earthy yellow)
·       Vermeer (metallic iridescent shell)
·       Buon Fresco (matte antique lavender)
·       Antique Bronze (metallic sable with a satin finish)
·       Love Letter (matte raspberry)

·       Cyprus Umber (matte dark coffee)
2nd Row

Raw Sienna (matte neutral amber) - perfect transition colour

·       Burnt Orange (matte deep orange)
·       Primavera (metallic shimmery gold dust) - perfect highlighting shade
·       Red Ochre (matte sienna)
·       Venetian Red (matte crimson)
·       Warm Taupe (matte earthy gray)
·       Realgar (matte brick)

Upon swatching, I realised that a few colours from the palette were a dupe of the Makeupgeek single shadows. I don't have the entire makeupgeek collection so I came up with a few dupes from only the ones I own. If you're not looking to buy the palette and interested in only a handful of the colours from the palette, then this is a good way to own some of the colours without having to spend £41. Granted the formula won't be the same but makeupgeek shadows are of brilliant quality. My top three shades from this palette are Raw Sienna, Venetian Red and Regular.
Overall I think this palette is great. I wouldn't say it's a must have though. If you're on a budget and you're into the classic neutral shades, there are tons of neutral palettes out there with a great formula at a way more affordable price. If you're into berries and reds, it might be tricky to find a good palette with these colours but you can always go for single shadows, which would be way cheaper. This palette, is one of those palettes that you can skip if you're on a budget and are on the fence of whether to get it or not, only because of the price tag. Aside the formula, I love this palette a lot particularly because of the combination of colours in the palette and that's why I would personally recommend it. A definite 9/10 for me. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and all the swatches. Let me know if there are any palettes out there in particular that you'd like to see me do a review on. I'm thinking of getting the Voilet Voss Holy Grail Palette. What do you think about this palette? Anyone tried it?

Have a lovely day, enjoy the rest of your week and I'll see you on my next post.

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