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March 15, 2017

R E V I E W | Bodyshop Matte Lip Liquid

Okay so let's do a quick review on these bad boys that I've had sitting on my desk for quite a while now. I think aside eyeshadows, lipsticks are my next favourite things to play with. I love trying new colours, different formulas and also new brands. I have two sets of 4 drawer Acrylic makeup organisers filled with lip products to the brim. I can never grow tired of them. So about a few months a go, I went to Bodyshop to do a re-stock of my usual skincare products. Now when it comes to skincare, Bodyshop is my number one go to stop. If you read My Current Morning Skincare Routine post from last year, you would know that majority of my skincare products are from Bodyshop but I never really give their makeup a second look. 

I know they dabble in Makeup but for some reason, I've just never been enticed to it. I do own a few makeup products from them but not a lot. I own probably about 3 makeup products from Bodyshop and this is from about 3 or 4 years ago when I started to 'invest' in more makeup but on a budget, so I was hunting more for cheap/affordable brands. This new lip range however, has made me rethink the way I look at Bodyshop makeup forever.
Mauritius Dahlia 017 | £6

So I know these are not technically new on the market. I think they were out around back end of last year but I only just spotted them sometime last month. If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I am more of a liquid lipstick kinna girl. I prefer matte lips over glossy lips. So I'm always on the hunt for good liquid lipsticks that are long lasting, matte and most importantly not super drying on the lips and these by far are my favourite. They are all those above and more.
Tahiti Hisbiscus 016 | £6
Let's start with the packaging. I like it! It's very simple and sleek. It reminds me of a slightly longer version of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams (SMLC). It's got the same black matte finish at the top and the opaque bottle that gives you a hint (not a true depiction) of what the colour is. It's not too bulky so it's perfect to throw in your tiniest of purses or if you're like me and don't always carry a purse around, you can just throw it in your jean pocket or your coat pocket. I'm not going to say the packaging is lightweight because if you have any lip product that's not lightweight, that lipstick better be made of gold or it's got to go. What is lightweight about this product, is the formula.

It's been a minute since I loved a liquid lipstick (or any lip product for that matter) this much. I just love everything about this product. When I say it's lightweight, I mean it's lightweight! You literally cannot feel that it's there. You forget that you've got anything on. It's so GOOD that it's BAD! What I mean is, it's so good at being lightweight that during the day (hours after I've put the first coat on), I forget I have something on and end up putting more on thinking I have nothing on my lips.
Crete Carnation 030 | £6
Which brings me to my next point - Pigmentation. These are very pigmented, especially Mauritius Dahlia (which is my favourite out of the entire collection). One coat will do the trick but if you prefer to add more to intensify your look then by all means go for it. It layers up very beautifully so you don't get that cakey, build up that some lip products can give you. 

One of my favourite thing about this product is the texture. It applies very creamy and smoothly. It reminds a lot of the NYX SMLC. The way they apply is identical to the NYX SMLCs, the only difference is these dry a lot better, faster and more matte than the SMLCs do. I love the fact that even though they dry matte, it's not drying and sucking the living hell out of your lips. You don't get that cracked lip look that you get from some liquid lipsticks. They do settle in the lines of your lips (like most lip products do) but not to the extent of magnifying every single wrinkle on your lips. 

They're also super long-wearing. The only downside is when you do eat, you do get some of the product from the inside coming off. I'm not exactly sure if it's to do with only foods that contain oil or just food in general since 99.999% of my food contains some sort of oil (Yeah! that's greens.....I'm trying to be better though). But it does work fine with drinks though, so that's like an A- maybe a B+?
Goa Magnolia 026 | £6
All in all I love this and I'm so glad it found it's way into my life. Definitely RECOMMEND. If you don't own any liquid lipstick and you want to try one for the first time, this will be your best bet. It's amazing quality and it's super affordable. Even if you own lots of liquid lipsticks, you still need to get this. Because for me, it's like owning 100 pairs of painful heels and having that one comfortable go-to pair that you cherish for life. This is my comfortable liquid lipstick (Oh! and I don't own 100 pairs of heels, I hardly even wear heels). 
Bodyshop Matte Lip Liquid [From Top to Bottom] | Mauritius Dahlia 017, Tahiti Hisbiscus 016, Goa Mangolia 026, Crete Carnation 030

And I just realised I've rambled on a whole three paragraphs without telling you the actual name of the product. So if you've completely skipped the title, you've just read the review of the Bodyshop Matte Lip Liquid (I know....It's a horrible name but look past that). Retails at £6 from Bodyshop both online and in store....ask for me when you get to the counter (well you can....but it won't mean anything lol).

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